Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Two Simple Words

You really don't even have to say that, but when you're dealing with the JEW$media - especially if they invite you to your own execution in the form of an interview - you do not grant them the privilege of cutting your throat & disembowling you in front of your community & nation. Galt-in-Da-Box treats the Establishment Press with the silent distain their owners treat white goyim who call KHAZARi$tocracy/KHAZARocRAT bullshit:
Answer them nary a word! 
The fruited plain is littered with the faithful remnants of Conservatives who believed Dale Carnegie could best Saul Alinsky, because the borrower won't beat the lender & their good pseudochristian collection agents. In an age when you can circumvent them via Twitter or other social media to accurately report your side of the story, why would you want it filtered through the convoluted, distorted baffles of radical Zioni$t lefti$m? And if they ever come knocking, you never answer the door! Unless you're a fellow Khazar-Papist, they have not "always been a fan", and there's the universal principle of "if it bleeds, it leads", even if you're a cabal member!
Look at all the celebrities they built up to tear down and tell me, even if you are a "liberal", if you can trust the American Goebbel$ Machine!?

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