Sunday, June 18, 2017

Used To Be

It's a phrase you better start getting used to hearing, because - operating on the very great assumption that every conversation in the future is not somehow recorded & monitored for political correctness - you are going to be hearing it often:
That used to be my business.
This used to be a great place to live.
See that house over there? It used to be my family's home.
Hell, family has just about become a used-to-be in certain parts of the country, or redefined into irrelevance as "any group of people living under the same roof".
Perhaps the mantra has already started in limited degree among your friends, family & coworkers?
That is what happens when everyone is more concerned with the size of Kim Khazar-douche-ian's ass, or a really cool-looking fidget spinner than they are about where corrupt politicians and greedy banKHAZAR$ are leading US.
Making America great again appears to have been put on Indefinate hold: The first major policy focus of the allegedly "new" administration became replacing socialized medicine with fascized medicine ala Paul Ryan instead of repealing the abomination quickly.
Not one mile of new border wall has been built, but DHS and ICE have decided to start arresting border hoppers again, leaving the socialist work of settling them in the country to the Whore of Babylon - which is still overpaid by government for its own subversion.
It used to be a stated aim of the Trump campaign to fight globalism, but strange things happen when you get inside the machine and find out - contrary to popular belief - you're not the one operating it:
Upwards of 70% of Khazars are liberal or leftist, and since one of the many facets of society under their control is lending, that pretty much tells you precious time between elections and close to all of the Trump agenda is going to be wasted.
We used to be a great country-when we watched our backs, did for ourselves, and looked for ways to serve one another instead of expecting government to do it all for US.

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