Sunday, July 2, 2017

Of Normalized Insanity...

...And SHAMELESS corporate whoredom.
YouTube recently unleashed a manic propaganda campaign & video for GLBTQ rights, aka #ProudToBe. While ABCNNBCBS doubtless lauded it to the skies, It was not well-received, nor did it produce the desired results, as HighImpactFlicks reports:

Let's pan back a bit and consider some realities outside the parameters of the Emo/PervPriv movement:
Perverts don't reproduce.
They quite often spread their disorder and recruit.
The upper crust talk endlessly of the alleged need to thin human "overpopulation".
Less goyim = more of their wealth & assets left for this KHAZARi$tocracy to grab.
Four hundred years of grabbing others' assets has not sated their greed.
Perverts have an unbelievably high rate of suicide & death by STD.
Add all this up and you can see the profit of constantly over-promoting self-destructive behavior, above and beyond the fortunes their corporations make through "treatment" and "therapy" for the related issues.
The message of the PervPriv emos is "we demand equal treatment!" but the message behind it, riding along on it, and ultimately benefiting from mandated societal acceptance of perversion as normal is you goyim heretics need to die! It's just another of the many things we know too well but never talk about, because the 0wners might get offended.
It's time to start talking about it and doing so loudly, until this insanity stops, and becoming #ProudToBe NORMAL instead of Perverted, would only help.

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