Friday, August 11, 2017

"They Are Legion"

The problems of lauding error as truth...wherein CFN turns the spotlight from KHAZARi$tocracy to focus on the primary political mechanism they own & hide behind.

Galt-in-Da-Box dare to hope this Mea Culpa is the first capitulation of many to come from the Roman CULT. Whore of Babylon has such a deep seeded issue with perversion among its leadership because it is the defining characteristic of Earth/Bitch-Worshipping Spiritualism in general, and it's political organs in particular. Michael Voris appears to believe this is a fairly recent & developing problem, but that's not what the track record suggests. It's at least as old as the heresy of celibacy itself, quite possibly as old as the adoption of the heresy of idolatry (trinitarianism & veneration of "saints" violates Exodus 20:1-3) in 325ad at the Council of Nicea. 
Examine also the myriad other extra-Biblical dogmas & errors taught by Rome, the most blasphemous heresy of which is dispensationalism* (denying the power of God)? It is the foundation of The Whore's naked lust for political power and all the resultant abuses thereof when achieved! When called on this, most blue pill adherents to the man-made religion fall back on standard canards Protestants wore out a long time ago, like "ya just gotta take it by faith", "'cause if ya don't yer goin ta hell!!!" etc. That brings us to their heresy of salvation by altruism, in clear violation of Romans 10:9 & 10, Ephesians 2:8&9 & John 3:16-20. Thousands of believers who attempted to get away from this abomination and teach the truth of God's Word were tortured, murdered & robbed by it, and even to this day, our military-industrial complex is topheavy with Rome's henchmen.
They can't quote numerous passages of Scripture to support blindly seeking and following after the lies of men, because there are none that do. Fagit preachers are just the pinnacle of a giant collectivist & communist pyramid of anti-Christ, anti-Scripture & ultimately, anti-God darkness, because of which millions have gone to hell and of which millions more today arrogantly boast and vehemently defend.
Insanity is not virtuous, and those who advocate and defend it - whether bought-off leaders or their fearful followers - will pay a price here and hereafter.


*Acts 1:8, 2:1-4,38&39

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