Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why I Follow...

...but only at a respectable distance.
Longtime readers already know that no (as in N-freaking-0) form of collectivism is sacred here at CFN, especially those that are maniacally pro-communist. Nonetheless, it's nice to see some golden rays of logic shine out of the darkness of Roman "Catholicism" - especially since those occasions are so rare.
The points the article addresses are well-made. The major point still gets missed: There's no such thing as "one true" religion, as all religion is (at best) man-made, and inherently flawed. The best Catholicism has to offer is what it had been actively trying to suppress since its translation into Latin, and until about 25 years ago: The Word of God itself. The political structure & LIARarchy built on top of it, not so much!
Whether it's "gay Gary" Voris himself - who is not even ordained clergy, as far as our research can determine - or the Central American communist who now sits on "The Church"s throne, politicians and their distortions of the truth must always be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism coupled with diligent willingness to compare them with the actual message of Scripture (Acts 17:11) lest a Believer be led astray.
In this particular context, one cannot listen long to Gary Voris's rants without spotting more than a few errors, but the foundational error is that NOTHING IS FINAL AUTHORITY In Roman "catholicism". One opinion may be propounded as truth for a time, then completely contradicted following it. In Reagan's day, the Pope opposed communism and now the current Pope preaches it. Tyrants like a counterfeit "authority" structure with no other genuine authority than what they say from one minute to the next - that's what makes them a thing to be avoided! Those who never think and always emote, will fall prey to these cunning, manipulative liars because they want a good-sounding fairytale to believe, instead of truth: FEEEEEELers never want to get real.
The Bible has to be a Believer's only rule of faith and practice, because The Word of God is the will of God.

#REASONforLiving #TruthOverTradition #OUTofTheDarkness

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