Friday, March 9, 2018

Anti-Infringement Legislation Now!

Three weeks now - and for way too long a string of years before that - weakness-mongering fools and the busybody wealthy communists of UEMFdom that finance the sedition have been whining, bitching & outright railing against the Bill of Rights in general, and the First & Second Amendments in particular.
While the latest ZIO-media feeding frenzy has been shamelessly promoting said bilge, South Africa has been showing US exactly what lies ahead for those who cherish false promises of security above individual liberty. Communists disarmed that country over two decades ago, with predictable results for the plebes: Somewhere between 70-120,000 white Afrikaaners have been murdered in ways that could best be described as medieval by leftist, racist, black thugs not unlike $oro$'$ bought-and-paid-for communists in AntiFa and BLM, and this week the authoritarian left-wing regime in charge of South Africa licensed theft of their farmlands and homes. Media was either silent or complicit in the implementation of robbery, murder and plunder as law of that land. Americans unfamiliar with Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong & Adolf Hitler can get an education as history repeats itself there - and hopefully only there!
The only news of this reaching the rest of humanity during this generation of degeneration in South Africa has been largely by way of concerned citizens via the internet.
While we have all the politicians stirred up and wanting to pass unconstitutional laws "for the children", what say we demand the passage of law to protect the fundamental rights of adults? If 22 American states can pass laws to punish anyone who advocates Boycotts, Disinvestment & Sanction (#BDS) of Israel - which has already happened, with a massive push by AIPAC & other globalist Ko$$ack lefti$t$ for similar Federal law) surely we can pass a law against calling for firearm confiscation, censorship & spying on the American people. First offense, $10,000 fine. Second offense, same plus 10 years in prison! Third offense, automatic deportation to the nearest communist shithole. Similarly, anyone labeling ANY Nationalist movement, activist or message "hate speech" (You copy me, Mr. Zuckerberg?) gets the same treatment. This also, particularly applies to all social networks & social media platforms based in the United States! Let's cop the attitude that, if it's good enough for the Mistake on the Med, it's good enough for US, and there is no place on Earth more nationalist & ethnocentric (with literally little to no ground to stand on for it) than "the Mistake on the Med"!
It's time to take a stand for Foundational Principles & mandate this become national policy, and put the Khazar-Papist cabal on notice that America will no longer be bullied by its globalist, radical leftist movement against freedom of expression and self-defense.

#ShallNotBeInfringed #BanZionismNotGuns

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