Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Of Uncomfortable Realities

The dirty little secret about them is, they are only "uncomfortable" because the majority of non-thinking, two-legged animals deliberately choose to emote, instead of think. 
BTW, Hat-tip to the GabFam for this awesome pic. If you're tired of being censored by JEWTube, sit-on-my-Facebook & $hitter - all of whom like the Democratic Party, appear to be comfortably making themselves at home in the BanKHAZAR$' back pockets - consider moving to
Social media sans socialISM!
It's what the world is coming to, one deplatformed, censored goy at a time.

#OurThousandthPost #YOUlost #StopFknWhining #DealWithIt #GrowUp

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