Friday, April 6, 2018


Code Red!
CLONES, This is Not I repeat NOT a fkn Drill:
KILL THE BILL: H.R.5087 the 2018 Assault Weapon Ban. 
DIAL IT UP, Bang your Congressmonkey @ 202.224.3121 and tell him to vote this shit DOWN.
Get involved with Gun Owners of America or NRA to do more


Time to stand up once again for our rights!

While Galt-in-Da-Box believes arming neurotic femin$tazi overpaid babysitters would be a bad move, ramping up efforts to harden schools against terrorism is Definately a step in the right direction: Chainlink fences, metal detectors, armed guards/plainclothes security people or calling on veterans to volunteer to protect are better choices. Privatization of education and returning such classes as home economics & firearm safety to the curriculum would help in building strong individuals to create a strong nation. Thomas Jefferson said "EVERY CITIZEN SHOULD BE A SOLDIER", not to fight foreign "police actions" to benefit the Military-Industrial complex & profit the BanKHAZAR$, but to ensure and secure the individual rights guaranteed in the Constitution - it won't enforce itself!
More than anything, Americans have 50 years of effeminization to roll back. 
There are two, and only two genders. Perversity will be our doom, if we keep cranking out perverts and sissies. Papi$t gynocentrism, faggotry & spiritualism must be rejected. These things are making US a soft target pushover for thugs, terrorists & mass-shooters. Matriarchal CULTures have something in common other than grass huts, and that is they all end up getting brutally subjugated & enslaved!

#GrowUpTime #StandUpForYourRights

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