Saturday, May 26, 2018

An Army Of Noise Makers

There's an old joke about a weatherman who reported that "the wind is currently blowing toward the northwest at zero miles per hour".
If you think about that statement, it gives much understanding and insight as to determining whether anything now being overpromoted or vilified by the indoctrination systems, Establishment Press and various other organs of the propaganda machine, amounts to anything in the real world. At the risk of beating a dead horse (or at least one Galt-in-Da-Box sincerely wishes was dead) named Jingoism, ask yourself some questions when presented with any subject over which large numbers of second-handers are stirred up:
1. Do any of the lemmings running toward this particular cliff actually work for a living?
2. Are they doing anything positive to affect a change to the alleged issue, or just regurgitating rhetoric and making noise?
A large number of people in America now live off others thoughtlessly, whether via a spouse, welfare, socialistic insecurity of some form, or the lesser known curse of inherited wealth. Because this crowd doesn't actually do anything most of the time other than watch bullshiTVision, they are very susceptible to deceit, false promises of more of something for nothing, MLM $cam$, etc and are therefore quite likely to buy whatever dreck some huckster in a suit is pushing, since they do not produce anything nor think for themselves. Thus the foundation for AstroTurf designer causes and ethical fads is laid - psychologically, in more ways than one!
Second-handers are long on talk and preaching, but short on productive action: They can always be counted on to sound like an expert on abortion or global warming while squirting out lots of kids and carting them around in a big SUV someone else, like say an ex- husband, is paying for. They will "SHOULD!!!" all over you and yours til doomsday about your lack of some form of altruism whiles never actually laboring for the cause they espouse themselves, unless it involves merely autistic screeching.
Perhaps it's time to start giving these largely femin$TAZI shrikes a taste of their own medicine.
Most the time these paid shills will only be visible on a national TV broadcast, but occasionally you will find one turns up on your doorstep, or a $oro$/Bloomkike-funded crowd of them on your Main Street, as collectivism is the religion of the willfully ignorant. Identify the leader of the pack of lemmings, if she's not already loud and in your face. It is at this point, you can deliver them the message so many of them need to hear:
"Shut the fuck up and get a life!"

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