Saturday, May 19, 2018

CDT In Texas

Communist Domestic Terrorism.
The bagel-munching Bol$hevik bastards were at it again yesterday...Stefan Molyneux has the details.
Just a few thoughts:
1. E pluribus unum means ONE from Many, N0t a fruit-nut, multiCULTural/"diversity" salad! It's nice that the Ko$$ack$ are mixing in some spicks, Greeks & other imported communists of late to show us the turd-world trash they and their Papi$t pols are letting in can be just as violent as Johnny Reb, if not more so, but we already get that. Build the damned wall already & start deporting.
2. KHAZARi$tocracy THRIVES on the willful ignorance of the goyim. Thanks to constant pubic screwool perversity brainfilthying, ZIOmedia lies & the "enLIEtened" progressive ignorance taught by $JWhining academia femin$TAZI, the majority of Beavis-&-Butthead-Americans have trained themselves to overlook the common Khazar thread stringing the majority of the top level gun-grab advocates together. You continue to dismiss this at your peril! Depriving you of your right to self defense for an imaginary "common good" is THE Next step down the $aul Alin$ky Subversion Agenda the kike created 50 years ago, and its no coincidence the dumblond talking heads & other Roth$child rugrat$ autistically screeching anew about "GOYIM VIT GAAAAAANZ!!!" on bull$hitvision - with the possible exception of David attentionHogg - are Tribe members: The $INagogue Of $atan can already fabricate as much bribe-money as they want or need out of thin air via the printing press. They aren't interested in that as much as they are using debt enslavement & lies to obtain absolute globalist power - especially the UEMFs like Bloomberg & his boss, Whatayahoo.
3. ONCE AGAIN, Just For Emphasis: What do almost ALL of the big gun Nazis have in common, other than inherited wealth and dual citizenship? The elitist mentality of believing themselves to be "god$cho$en", even when every possible genetic component screams they come from the banks of the Volga, not the Hebron.
4. Do we DARE to face the reality that those who have spent over 100 years profiteering from war, want to start ANOTHER Civil war in the US? BanKHAZAR$ are equal-opportunity seditionists, and the same profiteers who have ass-raped America for a century by financing every interventionist "police action" their Whore of Babylon puppet politicians have ever dragged US into would be only too glad to debt-enslave any new nation that attempts to separate from our own, which is why Harold Covington, Jared Taylor and the like are merely barking out their ass to bilk the latest bumper crop of suckers. You need a better plan goys, the first part of which involves no more borrowing, cutting up your plastic, fake money & buying gold & silver.
5. Are we willing to even talk about punishing the neglectful/abusive parents who allowed a stupid fucking brute animal to grow and dwell among them, then roam freely upon the world? Molyneux deserves a medal just for bringing this up, but the simple fact of the matter is, if it wasn't for gynocentric spiritualism on the left and right, in traditional as well as progressive garb, this would have been done a long time ago, and the femin$TAZI who dope their kids instead of raising them should be behind bars, as well as having their fat, lazy asses sued off by the families of the victims.
6. Anybody know the history of the development of LSD & other mind-altering psychotrophic drugs? They are a giant part of CIA/Mo$$ad/MI6 brainwashing as the rise of political theatre, manufactured terrorists like AlQaeda & ISIS shows, and very (as in most, to extremely) likely the very method by which these loser brats are finally being pushed over the edge. A closer look at the photo of the Colorado theatre shooter removes all doubt rather quickly.
7. Government indoctrination/pubic screwools teach abnormality as normal, the perverted as natural, and the usual egalitarian lies of communism surprised we have as few acts of domestic terrorism as this under such conditions, as the nature of John Dewey's atheist seminaries is to distort the developing mental processes of the young into degeneracy and dependency.
8. Psedaeo-christian ethics & its inherent, egotistical, illogical dullardness are no match for communist indoctrination. The foundational weakness of Western Civilization is dispensational Papist heresy, particularly the last 300 years of which that have based on the lies of Immanuel Kant & Karl Marx, not the teachings of Jesus Christ. It doesn't freaking matter how religiously self-righteous a family is, if they are stupid enough to let atheistic, nihilistic communists spend 6-8 hours almost every weekday with their kids, they should not be at all surprised when their kids grow up to be murdering atheists/nihilists/communists. There is much to be said for the virtues of homeschooling, the absence of abusive union labor Khazar-Papist cabal bureaucrats from the lives of the young and impressionable being not a minor one.
9. N0 Compromise on the Second Amendment. The problem is not sane people being able to defend themselves, its insane ones being allowed to roam wild and free, largely due to femin$TAZI emotionalism disguised as legal policy. Get rid of defense free slaughter zones. More importantly, get rid of the anti-American atheism and leftism that created them in the first place.
An armed society may experience violence, especially under multiCULTuralism, but a disarmed one will certainly experience genocide!

#BanCOMMUNISTSnotGuns #EndKHAZARi$tocracyNOW

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