Sunday, May 13, 2018

Coming Back Home

FIRST, This Is Why the most recent screwool shooting will not linger long in the news:
1. Not enough bloodshed.
2. Beaner shooter (politically incorrect as all hell/does not fit ZIOmedia narrative).
If anything, establishment propagandists will be desperately trying to sweep this under the rug as quickly as possible!

Given the many warning signs coming out of Facebook that your information is not only unsecure/not safe there, but being sold to the highest bidder - among many other issues - and discovering ways around the deficiencies of the Blogger interface, Galt-in-Da-Box is shifting primary post focus here where it belongs.
It's also becoming clear that, for all its failings, it is much safer to use, subscribe to and roll with Google apps & services than anything "DONKbook" has to offer. Zuckerberg's monster will soon be a Socialistic inJustice Whiner-only, circle-jerking club, so the sooner you likewise bail out, the better.
Something else that's gradually coming back home is those brown DACA chickens to roost: 
Giving the wetback brats welfare is just creating massive chain migration, and a young, new, deadly crop of school shooters & Democrat voters, and though those may well be wet dreams of globalistic Zioni$m, it's not in the best interests of any sane American citizen!

#ItchyDigitalFeetSCRATCHED #SelfDACApitating

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