Sunday, May 13, 2018

Of White Nationalism

That great Republican bugaboo hiding behind every corner the establishment press turns!
You can hardly turn on the bull$hiTVision anymore without a blues-caster mentioning it at least once during a propaganda"news" program, these days, and in 2016 it was the boogeyman fighting Putin for space behind The Rug's every move. Galt-in-Da-Box dusted off Google, Bing & a couple other lesser-known search engines and went "white nationalist" hunting on the web, where they are rumored to be thicker than Prog irony & lurking behind every bit and byte, ready to grab the unsuspecting urban liberal and infect him/her/it with their poisonous werewolf venom. The pickings were pretty slim. Prominent mention goes to Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, of whom you may have heard. He often ignores Vox Day’s counsel & flirts with the ZIOmedia, attempting to get his perversion of the Alt-Right message out through "mountain William" drawl amid dumblond femin$tazi hysterics and globalist editing. Honorable mention goes to Harold Covington, who was a distant but strong second, showing up on the radar with this priceless video that was republished after the Valentines Day screwool shooting in Florida. Covington conveys his view better, though lamenting a lack of interest or even audience: In one of his articles there's a mentioned hope of getting a thousand goyim together as a foundation for his great white north project.
I had to go quite a way down the search results for any mention of the KooKlux Klan at all, but there's still a pulse.
What stirred all this up was a trip to Sears recently which chanced to intersect with an acquaintance from screwool days, I'll call Lenny. Like the aforementioned white community leaders and organizers, Lenny passed the half-century mark a while back. He followed the path he was set on to young marriage, Southern Deadfish dispensationalism and the sort of denialism there accompanying: You don't DARE Criticize the KHAZARi$tocracy, as tha Kings James BAAble sayez riite theyere in it somewhere that these Caucasians with Slavic surnames, blond hair and blue eyes are "godschosen!!!" people from the Middle East and therefore anything they say or do is above reproach and unassailable - especially hyperprime lending, of which fellas like Lenny are occasioned frequently. We hadn't talked long before he asked where my wife was, and I told him she likely married someone else and divorced him already for his money. 
"Whah hain't y'all married, ya QUEER Or sumpthin'!? Duzzn't y'all know the white race gotz ta git their  numbers up? We’re adyin' AYOUT!" He told me in that absolute certainty gambling addicts have about sure bets.
Looking on in such a way as to indicate I clearly meant him, I said "There are SOME portions of the white race that can't die out fast enough." Fortunately he changed the subject and the chat was shortly over as he moved on in search of something to buy he already had, as I toward the parking lot.
It doesn't matter how many times Cenk Uygar or Diane Reams has cucked "WHITE NATIONALISM!!!" or "White Supremecist!!!" in a fake news story about Trump colluding with Russia, the habeus corpus is equally non-extant. Clem & Bubba may start ranting about "theyam dayam Japs, naggers 'n' JOOZ!" after their fourth or fifth Lone Star down at the honkytonk, but all the white people in America can't get together on more important issues and even more important answers, so it looks like Taylor & Covington (and perhaps "Lenny", if he ever pays off his Sears card) are gonna hafta carry the team.
Sorry guys, we just got too much on our plate...including coping with a reality gap between media bullshit and real life that could be measured in lightyears!

#MuchAdoAboutNothing #YellowPressNThinningWhite #CallIsHASBARA

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