Sunday, May 6, 2018

STUPID White People...

will destroy the West, unless they wake up...and The SOONER the BETTER! The fault lies not within our stars but within ourselves. Do you believe the KHAZARi$tocracy is ruining Western Civilization to feather its own nest in Israel & the financial sector? Stop borrowing their fake money. Do you honestly think illegal migration is part of the Synagogue of Satan’s Agenda 21 depopulation scheme? Research who you vote for & don’t waste one more ballot on CUCK$ervative or Democrat candidates, because a white man who votes Donk is N0 Fkn smarter than a chicken who supports Col. Sanders (BURNie in this case). Most importantly, if you’re a tithe-paying subject of the Roman CULT or flaming champion of Craplick Charities, don’t walk, RUN to the nearest exit. 
The Whore of Babylon is merely the amphibian in Aesop’s fable of The Frog & The Scorpion, and - like all other useful idiots - WILL be disposed of once the BanKHAZAR$ feel it has “ech$chpendit it’s usefelnezz” to them.


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