Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Harold Covington Show

Victor Hugo is reported to have postulated "A pity it is that foolishness is not a virtue, for then the world would be filled with saints and angels."
I only wish I could dub in Bob Newhart Show Theme music for this video clip, as it contains wit and whiz-dumb prime cuts from white nationalism's version of the deceased comedian. As you may have gathered, Galt-in-Da-Box don't take white nationalism that seriously given it's ranted about and railed against by the Establishment Press, which is a prime indicator that it's bullshit. Its more prominent spokesmen lend credence to this hypothesis, and the KooKlux Klan is little more than black and white photos you have to explain to the younger generations, though the Khazar-Papi$t cabal appears to be propping up a faithful remnant for scarecrow, straw man purposes. There might be 10,000 committed white nationalists in the entire country and that's a very generous estimate, given Covington's lamentations, but the arrid humor value of his rants is there nonetheless, and making them a regular feature here is a tempting proposition. Sorry, but if this is the cream of the crop, it boils down to very thin gruel. There is a deep, underlying sense of AstroTurf.
Indeed, if you can sit through this video without laughing your fucking ass off at the thin, hollow rhetoric and simplistic proposals, you are just not paying close enough attention, or have bought the ZIOmedia's propaganda.

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