Sunday, June 3, 2018

Soft, Fluffy, Cottony White Genocide

How is it possible to demoralize, dumb down and disenfranchise millions of people sans police state or military dictatorship?
1. “Feminism” - or as is more commonly understood here, femin$TAZIism.
Subvert the woman and you destroy the family. Convince them first via ZIOmedia, then academia and finally political institution that a hole between your legs=unlimited entitlement and special privilege...then start adding privileges at the expense of the productive, future generations and ultimately, the nation.
2. No-fault divorce. Distort the keeping of natural order in the family circle and anything else a chick doesn’t like into an excuse to dump the head of household, but keep living off him thoughtlessly. Pervert Law into aiding and abetting the extortion via constant propaganda whining for imaginary “equality”. then license all the perversion that inevitably follows as “diversity”.
3. Abortion. At last we arrive at the primary level of white genocide, of which conditioning women to be rebellious, disobedient sluts is only the foundation! Disguise this form of murder as “women’s health” and legally codify it as a right.
4. Hasbara. Through the wonder of the D.C. Papi$tocracy complex, nationalize information outfits by unionizing their employees and fascizing/socializing its diligence-challenged figureheads and academia. Whoever said “idle hands are the devil’s workshop” gave us an understatement! Ever notice how the big shots raking in billion$ in entertainment share a common heritage and FOOLosophy with the bagel-munching Bol$hevik bastards atop law, the oy-veying oligarch$ heading medicine and most your bigwigs in pubic screwooling bureaucracy? This relationship is far removed from random chance, and at all levels is pushing their “enLIEtened, progressive” goyim-targeted, non-viable diversity idiot-logy. It is the inevitable, corrupting effect of convincing a society that debt is money and bribery is legal, then printing up mass quantities of little green lies.
5. Losers’ Rights. Dopers, drunkards, perverts of every hue...hell, bring in as many lazy, dishonest and irresponsible goldbricks as you can to feed at the public trough! As the self-discipline-free “equal” society expands and the burden on the taxpayers rises, start blaming the few remaining white producers who would rather keep what they earn for the resulting unrest by having the JEW$mediaEstablishment Press label them selfish, greedy, homophobic, nationalists...anything but goyim, which is the real reason they are being done away with. Under this same banner, trot in government healthcare to get rid of the elderly. Thus the Papi$t$ that be can enlist armies of friends and relatives, credential them as medical professionals and allow them a tidy profit as legal dope pushers.
6. Guilt control. Play up every conceivable mistake ever made in the last 500 years and pin it on the target audience. Notice I didn't say white people, because they are only the current victims: variations on this theme have been used on Palestinians since 1948, are being used on white farmers in South Africa as you read this, and will be used on anyone not subservient to (((those we dare not speak of))) going forward, if successful at "reducing the surplus population" of goyim in these instances.
And there - without gulags, gas chambers or concentration camps of any kind - you have the sum and substance of white genocide in Western Civilization today, all of it being carried out with the willing, obedient and virtually silent complicity of the victims. To those whom “god$cho$en” RU$$IAN$ have promised limitless handouts once it is accomplished CFN counsels, look not upon this as some whimsical conspiracy theory to be dismissed lightly: “VOTE FOR ME, AND YOU’LL NEVER HAVE TO WORK AGAIN!!!” is the oldest fucking lie in Democrat politics, simply due to the fact that free cheese is only found in rat traps.
It has been used to demoralize the black man in America for 150 years and WILL Be used on other non-Khazar populations in the future, to dispose of them once they have expended their usefulness to the KHAZARi$tocracy.

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