Sunday, June 10, 2018

Solo In The Shitter

Or, what happens when femin$TAZI rug-munchers get absolute power.
Traditions and franchises get destroyed...just like George Lucas’s life. Gynocentric spiritualism is THE most destructive force on Earth. Nuclear weapons, natural disasters, even climate change or any of its "atheist" proponents' other wet dreams could never hold a candle to the world-ruining, family-breaking power of its modern perversion, femin$TAZI emo-bullshit. Solo: A StarWars Story will probably be in video stores next week, thanks to this very fact, as the series has already gone into the shithole and what little is left of Western Civilization fast on its heels.
Bitch-worship is gonna be our doom, unless things change radically and shortly, Trump dog-and-pony show notwithstanding.

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