Friday, June 1, 2018

The Disney Bomb

Galt-in-Da-Box refers of course to the franchise killer known as Solo: A Star Wars Story which just put the final nail in the “No Lucas No Future” coffin.
I always loved Star Wars, but even blindfolded you could see the end was near when it came out it’s creator was leaving the building. Brand loyalty will only carry you so far. The horrifying reality is the last two flicks have not even attempted to hide the fact they are unadulterated $ocialistic inJustice Whiner propaganda, seasoned heavily with femin$TAZIism. The Oy-Veying oligarchy at Disney put on the feeeeeels and went to work on action packed kiddie sci-fi with the autistically abominable aim of converting it into a typical atheist hasbara vehicle...with predictable results.
“Last Jedi” had it troweled on like Tammy Fae Bakker’s industrial strength cosmetics! The bagel-munching Bol$hevik bull$hit is so thick in “Solo” you would swear you’re in an LGBTQ stockyard hip deep and unable to escape for two hours. Word got out quickly and the world’s largest fan base responded with two words: FUCK THIS! Until Kennedy is out and someone with actual directing and writing talent is in, the franchise will be on life support. It may even be fatally wounded, if reviews elsewhere are accurate. Out there lost is the truth that people watch movies for entertainment - they used to see StarWars to escape - they certainly don’t watch them to be preached at! Any doubt that the blame for this atrocity lies squarely at Kathleen Kennedy's feet has been removed by her "PATRIARCHY!!!" perpetual shriking and autistic screeching since Force Awakens. Methinks ye doth protest entirely too much! Go away kid, yeh Botha me.
There are some things that were never meant to go together, and it’s been all too clear for a while now that Mizzz Kennedy and Star Wars are in the middle of that category.

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