Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Right Political Answer

Libertarians today are lamenting the loss of many followers to the AltRight and they are justifiably concerned!
After decades of moribund leadership of the Tom Leykis variety, libertarianism advocates abandoned the movement in droves to support an emergent political movement that recognized key dangers to America’s future that had vastly grown under $oro$-funded 0bammunism. Many of them decided the practical errors of resurgent Papi$t funny-mental-ism were better than an endlessly squawking cadre of dope-smoking, hooked-noses who never put any skin in the game, and went backwards to the Roman CULT. Very few recognized what was really going on til after Trumpslide 2016, and the continuing statist quo. The POPEublican$ & KHAZARocRAT$ are experts at repackaging, rebranding and selling the same old tired fairytales, and it appears to have largely worked again. Those of you in my tribe KNOW what I’m talking about: A vain egotist rode the desire for change into the White House, but since then, very little has been done to stem the flow of Papi$t wetback$ into the US, and that’s by design, not chance.
Since the rise of The Rug to the cherry blossom throne, AltRight punditry have shifted their focus and advocacy from securing the border and “the fourteen words” to glorifying the Whore of Babylon, forgetting or willfully ignoring who owns this atheistic, anethical cabal of power-craven pederasts. While this is understandable considering the abundance of gynocentric spiritualists calling themselves pagans within the movement, it’s a move backwards and in gross error. Yes, the West in general and the USA in particular need a spiritual renewal. No, it doesn’t need to be Earth-bitch-worshipping spiritualism disguised as “ChristenDUMB” or palmed off as PSEUDAEOchristian ethnics, all of which waters down God to be palatable to unregenerate man.
AltRight must remain on guard, lest the same Khazar-Papi$t cabal that monopolized and marginalized libertarianism ruins it from within also.
While pneumatikos are important, they must be spiritual matters that glorify the One True GOD and His only-begotten Son, not the devil spirit realm. Politically speaking, this means authoritative government, instead of authoritarianism - the latter of course being what the Papi$t$ advocate, as they’ve done for millennia. For ethics and motivation we must turn to the Word of God and those who rightly-divide it. For a foundationally American political understanding of what those mean practically, the Constitution and moreover the Bill of Rights must be our guiding light. While he was the de facto minor league tyrant of the 20th century, Galt-in-Da-Box cringe when hearing AltRight biggies lauding Adolf Hitler to the skies, as he may have started out a German white nationalist, but he ended up a globalist communist and received a just defeat for his gross stupidity. He casts a dark pall of fear across the pages of history as the terrible warning of what happens when a society freely adopts what Jimmy Carter called “trust me” government.
While speaking of the right political answer and in the context of the Nazi (which, by the way, stands for National SOCIALISM), let US remember to retain the Second Amendment, as The People are to be the ultimate safeguards of their lives, liberty and property, and seeing as how the authoritarian statist war on guns is continuous, and barely even started!

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