Saturday, June 9, 2018

What Tommy Robinson Can Teach...

...assuming of course Americans are finally willing to face reality and learn, is that there is, and can be, no such thing as human rights in an empire and that democracy means endless revotes til you agree with Hymie.
Galt-in-Da-Box has already and repeatedly established we are not free. The deeper truth, as poor Tommy found out not long ago, is that the empire is still alive and kicking. Please show me any society, anywhere in the world that is not governed by some ungodly alliance between the old-money, filthy-rich and the banks, reguardless of its figureheads, potentates, sultans, President, dictators, etc. The Papist/OTHER Religious middlemen are put there to put on a show, take the bows for success and the fall for the mistakes: It’s political theatre. The (((real leaders))) only leave office in a gold casket or (as in Iceland) on the point of a bayonet. Tommy kept talking long after the majority of (((the owners))) wanted him to, and got gaveldt for it. Of course all the big-shots and high mucky-mucks in England are pervs, Tommy: It’s a fag country! One that bent over and grabbed its ankles for the femin$TAZI long before the USA, and is paying the price for it. Has not yet begun to pay, in many instances.
One of those many forms of payment is how easy it is to vote in more communism, like Ireland and abortion, and how difficult it is to vote it out, like Brexit. Nobody benefits from white genocide and tyranny like the BanKHAZAR$, which is why both are growing like weeds in South Africa...AND England. The more debt the country runs up with its socialism, the more control the socialists running the central banks gain, and the people lose, and the best way to continue the power shift is the myth of entitlement...erroneously called empowerment in femin$TAZI circles.
America doesn’t have much room to judge, or even to talk - literally! Already the KHAZARi$tocracy is corporatizing free speech, branding it hate speech and deplatforming it. College campuses are a gynocentric emo-bullshit circus where feeeeeels are more important than facts and pussywhipped professors preach about the need to respect 57 “genders” - read that insane perversions. Let’s bring these facts down to the personal level:
More collectivist rights being arbitrarily granted to gimme-groups of perverts and weirdos essentially boils down to abolition of individual rights and liberty. Politicians will gladly codify and legalize this abomination in order to keep their borrowing privileges, since government not only borrows the most, but creates the reasons for private debt, and encourages it. Finally, the KHAZARi$tocracy & BanKHAZAR$ profit the most from wars and welfare, and therefore have a vested interest in creating friction by catering to weakness and stupidity through debt, then financing the wars that inevitably result from fabricated cultures of perversion, laziness and stupidity consuming the viable ones.
Tommy Robinson is a casualty of the Cold War on individual liberty, and unfortunately, will not be the last.

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