Friday, July 20, 2018

More Than A Pretty Face

Big Brother isn’t just watching you, now.
Thanks to Facebook, Google & other subversive, privacy-violating spyware you use everyday, the freaking Ko$$ack bastard knows everything about you with a glance at your face. Given dear-bought personal experience with organs of the “IF YOU DON’T!!!”, SHOULD!!!-all-over-everyone, guilty-til-proven-innocent KHAZARi$tocracy, via the PSEUDAEOchristian lack of ethics known as religion, how long do you think we realistically have before the Deep $chtaat is using this technology and information derived therefrom against individual citizens? Considering what happened to Seth Rich, can we be certain it hasn’t, already? Whoever killed him knew exactly where to find him...You didn’t really think all those little cameras were there for traffic control, did you!?
More like goyim control!

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