Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Proposition Nation

More clearly, the FAIRYTALE that a nation can be founded on a vague, nebulous philosophy or simply codified into law that can be easily changed to suit the lawyers, is directly challenged by key words in the Preamble to the Constitution:
“We The People of the United States” refers to a specific category and group, not the scum of the Earth for which atheistic, globalist/communist Bank$taz seem to have boundless affection and the PSEUDAEOchristianity of the Whore of Babylon demands endless altruism.
“to ourselves and our posterity” certainly does not appear to grant gratuitous wiggle room for letting in millions of low IQ migrants to be the new tax and debt slaves for the globalist BanKHAZAR$ and the Washington DC PAPI$Ticians they own.
Here are some choice moments of clarity from John Stossel for your holiday that clearly express what we are in great and imminent danger of losing, and the British lost centuries ago, due to their Imperial experiments with globalism.

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