Friday, August 3, 2018

In A World Of $#!+

Not dead mind you, just wish I was at times.
Sewer pipe busted last Sunday at CFN HQ, and femin$TAZI Bitch landlord can't fkn figure out what responsibility is and get it fixed. This is how the Khazar-Papi$t cabal INFESTING This country operates: They talk out their ass, claim to be better than those to whom they are not even equal, then when Put Up or Shut Up time comes, the crawfishing and back pedalling starts.
Bitch married a Kossack, cranked out a couple kids then took the $chmuck for all he had in divorce court, has spent it all ten times over trying to buy her way into heaven with the Roman CULT, And consequentially has nothing because of the lies she's living.
Somewhere below Galt-in-Da-Box's feet there's a two inch shower drain pipe, a four inch shitter pipe and inch & a half kitchen sink pipe all run into a cheap ass fucking iron pipe that - as their manner is - has fragmented. That's best case scenario. It's also quite possible the bagel-munching dumbass bought the cheapest thing he could find while making the place over, and the line from junction to city is a freaking inch and a quarter bathroom sink pipe! Put nothing past "god$cho$en" Ru$kie$.
We will deal with this latest distraction and be posting regularly in the near future, because if the feet-dragging goes beyond the end of August, HUD, FHA & others will hear of it.

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