Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Mask Slips

...time...and time again!
Like every other "** rights" movement out there, it's not about rights at all, it is all about control, coercion, extraction of wealth, bullying, and all the other types of FA$CI$M leftists constantly claim they oppose, then practice with impunity.
We The People must shut this shit down, cut it out like the fucking cancer it is, and - as the OMFR Khazakh communists behind this used to say back when they CLAIMED to be liberal - "subvert the dominant paradigm".

Sunday, October 19, 2014

White Elephant Sale

What the facts actually indicate is that government has no business protecting, prohibiting & otherwise promoting this ancient - and archaic - form of slavery.
Galt-in-Da-Box dares to opine that, if an individual's sense of commitment is so feeble that it requires rings, a fancy piece of paper, religiopolitical ritual & other elaborate vanities to prop it up, none of those things will help ~ a position evidenced by the reality more than half of modern American marriages end in divorce, and now 80% of those divorces initiated by a gold-digging femin$tazi. Homogamy advocates & other OMFR Khazar$ desiring to rewrite the laws of nature for their own profit strongly disagree, never letting facts get in the way of a good bullshit story: One dressed to the nines with lofty, sugary talk of romance, under which sits the 800# gorilla of sinecure-seeking, tax-dodging and a desperate, perversion-driven longing for legitimacy where none normally nor naturally exists. Gay marriage was legalized in Canada, whereupon a little over 400 same-sex couples raced to the altar (in a nation of 60 million), then the numbers fell off a cliff into obscurity. In a Gallup poll, while nearly half of Americans agreed with homogamy (for those of you in Miami-Dade county, Florida...that means gay marriage), less than 4% of the GLBT community as a whole expressed any interest in it whatever. As the numbers reveal this is a campaign more Astroturf than grassroots - common the pulp of KHAZAristocracy and the incriminating fingerprint of globalism. CFN holds the position that partnerships are the business of partners, not politicians: Were government power-seekers & Vall$chtreet merchants of the earth removed from the equation, almost no controversy would exist at all. Personal experience has brought this writer in contact with homosexual couples who have been together for decades and allegedly-"normal" ones who can't stand to be in the same room for three minutes, let alone married, lest a slanging, slapping match rivaling World War 2 ensue. With few exceptions outside The Household, marriage for the common man is an engraved invitation to a life of destitution and misery, a grant of infinite power over his life to ignorant, emoting little girls trapped in full-grown women's bodies, and an assurance any unfortunate children involved will have little to no stable home or happiness. Contra the assertions of our esteemed colleagues at Reason Magazine, it is not only possible but probable that many homosexual couples are doomed to discover the best two ways to ruin a friendship:
1. Move in with that friend.
2. Get government involved in the ruination.
They will discover through the horrors of experience that what was sold to them about love was all about lucre; that the profit of lawyers and religious looters his behind the wedding vows; that sentimentality run amok carries a hefty price - one they may not be able or willing to afford. They may well learn too late they - as the rest of US - have been sold at best, a white elephant; the "flag-burning!!!" bullshit issue of the 21st Century!
I fear all to greatly neither the Papist myth of societal ruin, nor the Khazar fairytale of homogamous bliss and bennies, rather that the harm that has been done half the so-called "straight" participants in this foolishness will be visited on others much less prepared for these unpleasant realities.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nation Of Leeches

Many still speak of an imminent economic collapse, but Galt-in-Da-Box is dubious the corruptocracy of Khazar-Papist cabal will be anxious to kill off the golden goose of white-slavery:
Student loan debt feeds the banKHAZAR$ in particular & the indoctrination KHAZAri$tocracy as well, which is why nothing will be done to help the suckers who bought into the "Education" scam, Mr. Cuban. There's not a single one of these "bubbles"/public assistance boondoggles that has not been engineered as a transfer of taxpayer money from government to bagel-munching Bol$heviks, all under the religious delusion the Papist robbers and plunderers will somehow get "blessed" for fellating "godschosen" RU$$IAN$. Easy/free money-whether it's welfare, student loans, inheritance or "free/cheap health insurance" (LMFAO!!! yeah, right!) NEVER accomplishes anything else, in the long-run. If you need more evidence or suffer lingering doubts that continuing to feed the KHAZAristocracy on the backs of the taxpayers is a mindbogglingly stupid idea, check this out.
If there is an economic collapse, thank the Whore of Babylon infesting our government & the Synagogue of Satan that owns them.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

From West Africa...

...to Dallas, TX...to your neighborhood?


Fucking moron was, by all accounts "very friendly and sociable"...
Galt-in-Da-Box poses the question, Who needs suicide bombers!? We're very comforted by the fact (retardo) Rick Perry claims "the situation is under control" - which is usually bureaucratese for "I'm getting the hell out of here and calling in a nuclear air strike. Fuck this shit!" - that just gives me a warm fuzzy...or not. It'll be "under control" until motherfuckers start dropping dead in large numbers! Check out related articles on the link. How many got exposed on the plane, in the airport, while his raghead ass was 'troling Da Hood... UNBELIEVABLE!
Nothing's locked down, little's been cleaned up, and the fucking Obammunists have been letting Christ only knows how many of these third-worlders into the country, being ever so Politically Correct &  MONGRELIZED...uh, "multicultural", yeah, that's it...to never check the health records. We wouldn't want to offend the Disease Carrying Community, after all, especially the African lot, lest PMSNBC and comrades Al & Jessie start playing the worn-out race card again.
If we all end up dead, at least we won't have made those who live in filth, overbreed, and spread disease mad at US, and can rest in peace on that point.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Grand Old Trainwreck

GeOPapists planning to fuck themselves over Yet AGAIN!
There's an old joke about a kid who swallowed a half-dollar. His parents rush him to the ER & a little while later, after giving him a laxative, the doctor asks the nurse how the boy is doing. She turns to the doctor and says "No change yet!" At least no change for the better that CFN has detected. Ya ever notice how, just when you think the bought-and-paid-for, grotesquely out of touch, American political process can't possibly suck any harder than it's all-the-chrome-off-a-trailer-hitch norm, it suddenly does?

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Parasite Parade

ASSHOLE Of The Year:
If your doctor's piehole is stuck on "Come back in ein kopla veekz, ve'll ran zomoah teztz!" and he seems to feel you're just another $300/month prescription from improvement; you are more than likely dealing with Dr. Douchebag, and paying for the fucking Khazakh's mansion, yaght & 'Benz rather than your own better health.

LIE-Onardo On Seasons & Summer...
Designer cause/ethical fad-adoption is generally a glaring sign an actor is a has-been fighting obscurity and begging for the attention of a world that's moved on, as DeCapprio proved. Isn't it amazing how almost all the Fried Earth Club's chief wailers are wealthy 1%ers? Moving Veldt$chtaat jingoism is a great way for the already filthy rich to get filthy richer via KHAZonoraria.

"VERK HARDA, Goyim Daghz...Ah needz mah corprate welfayah!"
And finally, hat-tip to Vox Day for pulling back the curtain to show how technology is being used (against the working) to make the world a better place for BanKHAZAR$

Friday, September 26, 2014

Does College Pay?

Of "faith-based" Acceptance & Higher Education's quality.
If you're a cracker-jack football player or top-notch free-throw shooter they pay well under the table, NCAA bullshit notwithstanding. "What makes your college worth $70,000 a year?" It's a hard question for a university president to answer (and unfortunately, one not enough would-be educated are asking) especially when raised by prospective students...Even more so if posed by their checkbook conscious parents. The answer is more often Madison-Avenue political than substantial: Much self-gloss about admissions standards, high graduation rates, small classes & alumni satisfaction. A harder question should interrupt this eloquent litany: "But what evidence is there students LEARN MORE At your school!?" As the fancy suit fumbles for reply, hems and haws, one gathers the impression quality of the alleged "Ivy League" is largely a matter of faith...quite possibly merely one of sentimentality or tradition (It's Galt-in-Da-Box's opine that, once you resort to "That's the way We've ALWAYS Done it!" as argument, you've largely marginalized your position).
Schools NEVER talk about Occupy Wall Street; of the teaming hoardes who run up massive debt for a degree in Green Chinese Pottery or Transgender Studies and graduate to a non-extant market, or never graduate at all!
It's what happens when non-market forces - read that GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS - make higher education easy to get, thereby lowering its value: Credentialling replaces educating ~ the admissions exam is traded for a toll-free number and a Pell Grant. Something not-so-easy to get is out of the Massive DEBT-load per student that results from the sales pitch to get something you may never use and that may have no genuine value or be obsolete by the time it's completed...
Which may have been the Establishment's goal all along!