Sunday, September 23, 2018

On Dumping Twitter

Microblogging on Twitter was once more popular than Facebook, albeit briefly.
During 0bammuni$m, the platform was gradually CONverged by ((($ocialI$TIC INjustice Whiner$ and their dominatrix femin$TAZI))) in the upper echelons, who feeeeeel their rights of second-handers to never be offended trumps your right to exist, and therefore - like Kikebook - is now only suitable for pictures of cats or your dinner (pending honeybunch’s approval, of course).
After this last banishment for nothing more or less than telling the truth about BanKHAZAR, Galt-in-Da-Box will be tapering off activity there, with a view toward channelizing the account if an use can be found for it, and deleting it if it can’t.
If you are looking for a microblogging social network environment where you are free to speak your mind, check out (moved there after first signs of trouble and use the same name as here).

#CENSORtheCensors #BoycottPoliticalCorrectness

”$chaat Eet DOWN”, Goyim!

There’s a movement behind the scenes to hobble corporate businesses - especially tech companies -via $ocialISTIC INjustice Whining, all of it spurred on by a femin$TAZI Ko$$ack ‘muncher (gee, WHODATHUNKIT!?)
Now it has Linux, the heart & soul of the internet, in its clutches.
Vox Day exposes the $hrike, expands on the issue in detail and most importantly, shows how coders can stop it.

#KHAZARi$tocracy #corporatocracy

Friday, September 21, 2018

Poor Attitude By The Numbers

Cappy caps a blithering useless idiot who stayed in college only long enough apparently to die by degrees.
Now the graduated genius wants to “pursue his music” instead of using what he likely blew tons of (other peoples’???) money to obtain, because of “feeeeeels”. The math is amazingly simple:
Failure is equivalent to Laziness, plus Stupidity, multiplied by Arrogance!
This “enLIEtened, progressive, educated” moron saw another one on TV at some point in time whom he idolized, who allegedly got wealthy playing an instrument and singing and made it look simple, and mom & sis or a well-meaning girlfriend fed him that “follow your heart and the money will follow” horse crap, so he’s off to the races. *long disgusted sigh*
Absolutely N0 amount of student loans, education spending, degrees and faculty - neither sad to say, Aaron’s diligent counsel - will change this. The formula holds true irrespective of race, color, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, little angels or devils dancing on your shoulders and whispering shit in your ears, etc. A reproof enters easier into the mind of a wise man than a hundred stripes into a fool, simply because the wise man is not lazy, stupid or arrogant...and for want of those character flaws, he is successful!
If you are chronically lazy, willfully ignorant, and arrogant about it, get used to failure. You’re going to experience great, heaping piles of it, because the worst thing in the lineup is the arrogance: There was an inbred, Papi$t, Dodge-driving Johnny-Reb who drank like a fish, smoked like a chimney, swore like a Marine Corps drill instructor, beat hell out of his wife and threw his daughter out into the street when she got pregnant, and to his dying day had trouble figuring out why no one in that family wanted to be around or support him. Another fellow I had the sad misfortune not to have been able to avoid, tailgates and ignores speed limits, and will more than likely wonder why his Chrysler 300 ends up wrecked or with a blown engine and the cops/whole world are “out tuh GIT” him.
The greatest downward-torquing force on the white race today - outside of the KHAZARi$tocracy - is a generation of hilljacks and rednecks their altruism has enabled, who due entirely to arrogance, never consider the consequences of their laziness and stupidity, and therefore engage in paranoid delusions...because they feeeeeel (INSTEAD Of thinking) they couldn’t possibly have done anything wrong.
Once they accumulate to toxic levels, people with these chronic attitude problems run whining and wailing to government in search of handouts - much like the other group petitions it constantly to enable their attitude by giving them everything. The greatest thing on Earth that could happen for these people would be for everyone else to mark and avoid them. Eventually the law of causality will deal with them accordingly, and they will either end up dead or in jail or change their attitude.
I list change of attitude last because it’s most important yet least likely to happen.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Perversity Is Not Our Strength...

...Contra the lies of the Khazar-Papist cabal.
If you’re tired of hearing “MANACA manaca Manaca manaca manaca, GREENGO!!!” wherever you go, of knife-wielding, non-assimilating idiots who push dope and advocate communism while fingering beads and worshipping idols, and their growing, cancerous ranks in public office as well as on the welfare rolls, the previous link may explain why.
Western Civilization had more than enough cultural diversity long before the radical left weaponized ‘diversity” and turned it into a code word for white goyim genocide. The prevailing sentimentality of the (((UEMF$))) today, is that if you are white, male, goyim & normal - that is to say, N0t a PERVert - you need to be done away with, via abortion, femin$TAZIi$m, socialized medicine, disarmament, censorship, and ultimately, violent disenfranchisement, AntiFa-style. The old-money filthy-rich and those who borrow from them the most, have not come up with a working, viable, sustainable replacement for WestCiv yet. The leading contenders they appear to prefer are societies like China, South Africa, Venezuela and Gaza: NONE Of these value any of the principles enshrined in the American Bill of Rights (Great reading, if the propaganda cadre of pubic screwool, LIAR Education, Establishment Press & religion have left you enough brains to do so).
A large contribution to its own destruction, “the generation that never grew up” has now grown old, but still wants its bottle. Unfortunately for them, they already gave it away, under the diligent but malevolent tutelage of atheists and communists in clerical garb who convinced them that altruism would save their soul. Bribes may buy votes, but they don’t buy The Almighty’s vote!
Speaking of the vote, inviting into your country hoardes of ignorant savages, many of the various groups of whom you have waged war in the not-too-distant past, is not good for it. In fact, I t’s a very good way to end up hogtied on your back with a jackboot on your stiff neck, as a reward for your willful ignorance, animals being what they are irrespective of how many legs they happen to have. It has a history of leading one to have to vote with one’s feet.


Sunday, September 16, 2018

Kill Switch Thrown

Start planning NOW what you’ll do when Der Holy Mother KO$$ACK$chtaat gives teh interwebz the Satanic finger of censorship.

“There is no telling to what extent the Internet is going to go down, but I can assure you that you won't have any warning. You'll just go to a site and it won't be there. Just this morning, for example, I discovered that all four Gun Ghoul KDP titles are being blocked by Amazon. We're working to sort that out. We briefly took down the Dark Legion Direct listing ourselves this weekend, but only to permit a faster change over to the Dark Legion-branded print edition that is now complete. As we were also informed that Corrosion aka The Corroding Empire will no longer be sold on Amazon because it has been deemed "misleading" to Amazon's customers, this may indicate an all-too-familiar hand at work.”

There’s a fact of life your ass best get comfortable with: Jamming communications is usually a prelude to kinetic military action. More than likely the (((Establishment Press))) “don’t know nuthin’ about it” til the fucking AntiFa commies and the Brownfoot Tribe are already well into their terrorist attacks. Keep your powder dry and your sidearm handy, because losing the internet will be your warning that the fight is coming for you, whether you want it or not. Over three quarters of gated communities will be relatively unaffected, as they will be coordinating the putsch. For the conservative minority among god$cho$en Ru$$ian$ however, great and monsterous calamity will begin, especially if you are caught unawares. Smart white people have been preparing for this since Kennedy whored the country out to manaca-manaca nation in 1965. Stupid ones have been kicking dad out of his own house, whoring out to spiritualism & ‘chuckers, squirting out welfare brats, living off others thoughtlessly and producing weak,effeminate,liberal “men” incapable of defending themselves, much less their households and cat-collecting’s going to get coyote ugly for you very quickly!
These little censorship experiments with Alex Jones & others are just the beginning. In order to halt the growing rush from leftist hasbara, socialist media sites to emerging alternative platforms, Galt-in-Da-Box seriously believe the (((converged))) lefTARDs of $ilikike Valley would actually and happily go the route of spiking all the megaservers on the internet. They would gladly shut the whole thing down once they were prepared for the final, violent stages of subversion, like those playing out in the cities of South Africa!


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Some Hasbara Day “Never Forget”s... will never read elsewhere.
Galt-in-Da-Box’s birthday is a great time to connect with people and avoid the JEW$media ...ERR, “Establishment Press” - yeah, that’s the plague, especially the Papi$t talking heads that will be spewing “9-11!!!/WAR ON TERROR!!!/BOMB,BOMB,BOMB...BOMB,BOMB IRAN!!!” ad nauseam all day on bull$hiTVision.
KHAZARi$tocracy fabicrated every square millimeter of this false flag lie, especially the endless police action the BanKHAZAR$ have been profiteering from ever since at the expense of the white working goyim they so desperately seek to replace with non-white welfare whiners and “terrorists”. You’ll be seeing and hearing that tired, lame-ass “NEVER FORGET!!!” mantra from right-wing talk radio and left-wing telescreens, so in light of that emo-tradition,
...that “war on terror” BU$Hevi$m was the greatest bullshit story ever sold.
...that two governments murdered 3000 of their own citizens and (((dual-citizens))) and millions more soldiers and civilians for nothing more than bank$ta profit.
...that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams.
...WTC Building 7.
...that Papi$t TV talking heads are there to keep and continue the dumbing-down process begun with pubic screwools, liar-education and the denominational religious world, because YOUR IGNORANCE is THEIR STRENGTH.
...that if there was actually a War On Terror, we would have banned Muslim migration on 9-12-2001, instead the Roman CULT and other atheistic/gynocentric spiritualists and communists have constantly mongered for more migration and handouts to the alleged “enemy”.
...that Muslims are nowhere near as great a threat to the future and safety of America as the SINagogue Of Satan and the Whore of Babylon, referred to here often as the Khazar-Papist cabal.
...that PSEUDAEOchristianity has, is, and will always cheer on and champion more wars and welfare instead of individual believing and responsibility, because weakness-mongering, laziness, stupidity and fear are the pillars of gynocentric spiritualism, without which socialism cannot be achieved!

#RedPill911 #WakeUpNowOrSleepForever

Monday, September 10, 2018

A New Begining

Eric Warner laid the shovel aside with a sigh.
The last charred corpse was finally beneath the earth and the bulldozers were clearing away the last of the decayed rubble that
had once been Los Angeles. In the end, there had been very little fighting, for few of the opposition's oppressive regime had been healthy enough to fight. That miraculous hand of Divine Providence the founding fathers had referenced so often had stretched forth again as the American remnant had turned back to The Word - the Inspiration of those great men. 
As the enemy had drawn together a well laid plan for the subjugation and genocide of the American people, a mutant and viral strain of immunity deficiency and influenza borne of their perversion and lust had swept through their ranks.
Eric remembered the battle that wasn't: Having been threatened for days with the "dire and severe retribution" they would suffer if they did not surrender their arms, the Americans - who had finally seen the wisdom of uniting together in a nomadic occupation of a few Midwestern states - were fallen upon by what amounted  to ragtag bands of marauders. Yes they fought fiercely, but being too few in number, were no match for the defenders.
Aerial assaults were hindered more by what seemed to be the ineptitude & ignorance of their perpetrators, but was later discovered to be pilots and crew who were too ill to accomplish the missions they were ordered to fly. Eric himself had manned a missile battery and locked onto a bomber, only to witness it go off course and spiral wildly out of control. Others reported similar crazy combat episodes, and when after defeating an attacking regiment, the corpses were found to be covered with horrible growths and lesions, a doctor ordered them burned, then buried for sanitary reasons. Though he helped treat the enemy survivors, what was left didn't live long, even though some of them had only minor wounds. The incursions became fewer, and eventually stopped.
Eventually it was decided a few expeditions should be mounted to probe the Communist defences, only to discover there was little defence to be offered - along with plenty of dead bodies. The confusion among the subversive ranks was rampant, spurred on by a combination of fever induced delirium, multitude of different languages and the superstitions of the various different groups' forms of polytheistic, atheistic & Papist spiritualism. Several platoons of one enemy regiment had turned on one another over days of rest, and the atheist officers attempted to resolve the issue through force. The few survivors told of horrific torture & executions, which had only incited the angered lot of draftees to abandon their original dispute and turn upon them in masse.
Similar and even more horrible discoveries lie ahead.
The eastward moving expedition got as far as the Pennsylvania state line before a detected rise of radiation levels caused them to halt the advance. Later they learned almost all of New York state and portions of New Jersey and Rhode Island were uninhabitable as a result of tactical nuclear exchanges.
To the west it seemed as though The Consumption - as medical researchers eventually dubbed it - had turned a different way and caused the mass of the communists and those under their jackboots to fall into a sleep from which they would never awake. In Orange County, unfortunately, this had led to one man falling asleep with a live blowtorch in his hand that, when he dropped it, rolled across the workshop floor and set the place ablaze. By the time this happened the fast-moving plague had decimated much of his neighborhood population and it was well engulfed before the few unaffected first responders could arrive. From this well-fed and fanned inferno a conflagration arose that devoured most of LA proper and no small portion of Hollywood. What remained of local leadership advised the populace to flee rather than fight the flames, as the majority of the fire department personnel were incapacitated.
San Francisco had simply and literally become a ghost town, along with many smaller outlying towns and coastal areas. Freighters waited offshore, unable to unladen their cargo for want of anyone on land to contact. When a fishing boat crew dared to venture back to port they ventured into a nightmare landscape of rotting human remains, vile stench & carrion animals that now ravaged the city that death had depopulated...a good number of which had become infected by the virus or gone rabid and insane as a side effect of exposure. The captain turned his boat back to sea to spread a quarantine message some soul had scrawled in large, cryptic graffiti on a prominent waterfront building beneath an inverted American flag before it expired: DEATH RULES HERE NOW!!!
The months that followed this hollow victory were nothing to celebrate. A hurried cleanup effort that consisted largely of mass cremations that preceded mass burials. The Consumption left little of the dead once they started to decompose, and the disease this generated was another enemy to fight. In short, many of the leftists died the way they lived: Disgustingly, degenerately and depravedly. There was little to be done for what few survived but comfort them as they passed; the nature of the virus being a mystery to what few medical researchers remained to contend with it. Eventually, the clearing away of rubble and remains turned to the project about which Warner was set.
There was to be a warehouse and airstrip erected here to serve until International could be refurbished and opened. All the world knew is there had been an influenza outbreak that had turned pandemic, and aircraft with relief supplies were to be landing in 12 hours.
He looked up into a blue clear sky with a prayer: "Let us do it right this time, Your Way...not ours!"