Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Holiday Wind-down

will be "Thanks-mas/Christ-giving" with sis & family, after numerous hurdles & obstacles.
Galt-in-Da-Box gives thanks where do: for this miraculous year coming to a close. The Cubs World Series win was a sign of great things to come. Trump's win and Castro checking out may be just the beginning of greatness to come!
One of those things is our return to the blog on a more regular basis: Facebook is an awesome place to post cat pictures; for ski-ramp nosed blondie to shrike about her ex-boyfriend or husband, and for Kike Khazarberg to kick you out if you talk about anything else. Twitter offers all the advantages of "sit-on-my-Facebook" with none of the politically correct soap opera. YouTube is an untapped resource the potential of which we've yet to explore. Will also be back on amateur radio (KB5CTO) as comic relief.
Having been monitoring his activities since Election Day, the consensus at CFN is that the win took the Donald by complete surprise, to which he may not have completely adjusted, but to which time and tide in general & the first 100 days in particular will tell if he really is a citizen legislator, or another Khazar pawn.
Our last day off of four and its attendant duties beckon.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election Day Takeaways

My guy lost - I'm one of the Libertarian faithful.
The night would have been much better if 1. There had been a Libertarian landslide, 2. George $oro$ & his BU$Hevik puppets would have joined 0beyme in offing themselves because of it, and 3. I could have celebrated all this with an half gallon of Canadian Supreme & some budd.
All that being said, the Trump Cockblock achieved the desired results: it kept that goddamned murdering K-AP bitch out of power and her claws off SCOTUS.
BanKHAZAR & it's JEW$media minions are already signaling ANOTHER Manufactured recession - like the ones inflicted by them in 1928, 1982, 1987, 2001 & 2008 when Republicans were in charge.
Don't hold your breath in anticipation of a border wall, HITLERy conviction nor any other campaign promises...if you're over 50, you already should know why. The rest will figure it out as they go along.
An America awakened to the consequences of KHAZARi$tocracy responded appropriately, now it must stay awake!
We have NOT "saved the republic" as many AltRights would claim, we have been mercifully granted a stay of execution, and must win the appeals court battles of undoing a century of Ko$$ack tyranny.
Identity played a major role in the Trump win: A shrinking majority of white goyim America made a stand, much similar to the battle of little big horn was for American natives. Let us pray and believe it was not our last stand!
Putin and Russia were a Goebbels-Award winning JEW$media distraction. It was Assange's WikiLeaks & the internet that goyimAmericans relied on more than anything for information and rallying point for this major counteroffensive. The lies and propaganda from mediaWHORES on the heels of this are going to get worse, not abate. 
George W. Bush's endorsement KILLED the Clinton campaign! Everything else flowed from that, like blood from a fatal wound.
If anyone on the winning side believes they can slack off now & the Khazar-Papist cabal will roll over and die, they are delusional. Rust, corruption and collectivism never sleep, let alone die!
Would all the Hellyweird perverts & celebrities who threatened to leave the USA if Donald Trump got elected kindly shut the fuck up, pack your shit and depart in peace?
Finally, to all the "Tom Leykis Libertarians" who TALK SHIT for 2 years, then drop their Pom-poms, run home to Momma Rome & vote Democrat on Election Day, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck YOU!!!" very much. How's that strategy workin' for ya? LP has become a nihilistic atheist gathering place unfortunately, as is plainly seen from the way bagel-munching Bol$hevik$ are beginning to float to the top. Perhaps if you were actually dedicated to something beyond the glutting of your own lusts, you would win. 
The Founding Fathers put their lives, fortunes & sacred honor at risk, and Galt-in-Da-Box was literally preparing for rebellion until the election results became final...We watch and wait for indicators all this is something other than well-played political theatre, as da field niggaz may get to elect new house niggaz every fo yeahz, but Massa BanKHAZAR still be in powah, completely untouched.
The struggle for Liberty is a never-ending one, and this was a minor skirmish with a thumbnail victory.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Is This TRUE?

A simple, all-important three word question most people never ask themselves about ANYTHING they are Spoon-Fed by the Establishment.
It's a comfortable habit slipped into from birth, and unless some unusual condition or unfortunate circumstance arises that forces one out of one's developed channel of rote, conditioned response, the habit is never interrupted, let alone broken. A companion question I've set as a guard to my mind is WHY AM I BEING TOLD/TAUGHT THIS? It's important to take agenda into consideration when receiving new information, because it's a pretty big part of everything, nowadays. A young man taking advantage of "free financial planning advice" from a giant worldwide brokerage might want to consider whether he's getting educated, or a sales pitch, because it's more than likely the latter. The girl about to go half a million in debt for an education had better be seeking a career as an Attourney or Doctor, or she's going to have that debt around her neck like a millstone all her days. 
Obviously not everyone has an agenda. Most the world goes from womb to tomb with no forethought at all, and those in the minority with agendas make a comfortable living at their expense, because of critical thought, research & therefore, the developed ability to see and seize opportunity when it presents itself. "Is this true?" is your first step on the road of critical thought. Research is what you do to answer that question, by deriving facts & evaluating whether they verify or disprove the original concept. Opportunity is a wonderful thing that appears only to the diligent.
It's frightening to contemplate the number of fools who have simply twisted their minds into being comfortable with being deceived, because of some promised handout whenever they feel they no longer want to work!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


The irony of Black Lives Matter & Occupy Wall Street expecting to get justice from a system that has flagrantly demonstrated that it is for sale to the most well-heeled Khazar-Papist bidder defies description.
Those of you cheering them on need to realize both collectives - as well as Nation Of Islam - do everything but admit they are owned by 0bammunist Khazakh puppetmaster George $oro$ and reek of Alinskyism. Those worshipping the organs of the state which will most likely be used to oppress them, should $oro$ get his way do not recognize how much they are part of the problem. Americans everywhere need to face hard facts about AstroTurf political movements of most hues these days:
They are contrived largely with one primary goal in mind: Acquire as much power, money or both for one niche group at the expense of everyone else as possible. Clinton Foundation is a glaring example of such demagoguery: Billion$ from international BanKHAZAR$, their puppet dictators & regimes, global socialist elites & other liberty-haters who would lead the sheep further down the path back to serfdom. The only way to get someone as corrupt as KILLary into office was to arrange for a good friend to provide plastic opposition on the other side of the establishment, and Donald Trump does this well: As a TYPICAL Joo Yawkuh, he is arrogant, impudent, imprudent, ill-tempered, short, all of HITLERy's vices taken to the next level. It's a classic tactic that has been modeled in Obama's elections and appears poised to become the centerpiece of Dumb V. Dumberer, "lesser evil" political theatre to come.
Only the TV generation is majority roped by this dope. Younger voters are split between Bernie Sanders & rising Libertarian star Gary Johnson, but will there be enough of them to overcome the she-male closet muncher the Jew$media is so desperate to foist on US?
If sheep could vote, they would vote for the guy that feeds them, even if he's the same guy who is going to sheer, skin, slaughter & devour them later.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thus History Repeats

Authoritarians left & faux-"right" are now singing the old song of "some people need to be disarmed for the common good".
Leading the Veldt$chtaat chorus choir on this tune is Donald Trump (who many imagined to be AltRight conservative before the Orlando Pulse False Flag, but who has joined his master KILLary, Fein$tein, $chumer & other bagel-munching Bol$hevik traitors in calling for privilegizing the Second Amendment.
And of course privilege is something Roth$child rugrat$ know a great deal about. After all, they kept black people disarmed and enslaved for centuries & forbade the right to American indians until the beginning of the last century while mass-murdering them.
Ask yourself which demographic owns the most guns in America and you'll discover who the target is this time, all claims to the contrary aside!
The U.K. shows it's not yet too late to wake up - not beyond possibility to roll back the Khazar-Papist cabal's lust for absolute power: Nigel Farage capped off the UKIP Brexit win by daring to question the KHAZARi$tocracy's "kneejerk" disarmament of British citizens. Much can be gained from this lesson!
We have a choice to make really: Stand up for our rights, or abandon them and become subjugated - not by external dictators, but by false promises of endless handouts, bread and circuses that have been and always will be arbitrarily distributed by favoritism & fiat.
"A man aught to make a complete wreck of his life by his own actions than submit to the will of the most benevolent and well-meaning dictator."
 ~ Victor Paul Wierwille

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tired Of Living?

Try this on for size!
Actually, DON'T: Gargling with sulphuric acid, tap dancing in a minefield or good, old fashioned putting a hand-grenade in your mouth and pulling the pin would likely be quicker, less painful and more intelligent means of qualifying for a Darwin Award.
Mexican National Sovereignty Law is N0 motherfucking joke. They can, will and would absolutely enjoy kicking your ass til it was so far up between your shoulder blades you have to remove your shirt to take a shit. Unlike lefTARD Khazakh-owned criminal paradises like the USA, EU & Australia, Mexico and most points Central and South American have arduous ways of dealing with law-breakers, especially if they are "gringos". They laugh at our effeminate, "progressive", permissive political correctness with justified impunity:
A nation that will not protect and defend itself isn't really a nation at all.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rancher Standoff Casualty

I didn't know Lavoy personally, but it appears we have another casualty in 0bama's war on honkee...normally faught by infilTRAITORs of local police departments.
When more American citizens have been killed by cops than in the entire Iraq war, we have a problem. When most of the country takes an "Everything's fine, go shopping/play video games/walk by it in some other way to keep your welfare bribes coming" attitude about it, we have a much larger problem!
A revolution is coming. Galt-in-Da-Box dares to hope it will be a peaceful one, much of its building steam is directed at the wrong targets, but it is coming nonetheless. Elections show little promise of accomplishing or averting this: Simply changing the house niggaz of de plantation or rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic will not get rid of Massa KHAZARovichstein nor keep the great ship from sinking. Government is getting more violent and arrogant, and the Rancher Standoff is the only pushback we've seen so far. It may be the tip of the iceberg that could well become the tip of a spear if the Kenyan Communist does not call off his Brownshirts.
Meanwhile the REAL government (BanKHAZAR) plans it's next chess move. Rumors fly about UN troops, concentration camps, Executive Orders to nationalize militia & police, and a thousand other things that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago. 
To those still walking by shit, CFN suggest you start paying attention and giving a fuck as though your life were at stake, because it is!