Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Clarey Test

George Carlin passed it with flying colors...most politicians don't.

Aaron Clarey makes no claims of Papal infallibility, but this is a generally accurate guide to decent political leadership, and good friends as well. Scoring points on the Clarey Test is like getting a point on your drivers license: it's something bad! It breaks down like this:
Come from Old-Money/Filthy-Rich background? Get a point.
Went to college for a bullshit/frilly shit degree? Get ANOTHER point.
Never worked in the private sector? THIRD Fuckin' point!
Career politician? *long, Loud BUZZER, signaling a WRONG ANSWER*
Awwww, we're sorry! We were looking for a decent human being. Thank you so much for playing, though! Johnny will have some lovely consolation gifts for you as you leave the studio.
You want to score as absolutely low as possible. Zero points optimum, 4 is FAIL, like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Marine Le Pen & Donald Trump. The only politician I've seen pass the Clarey Test is...
Gary Johnson.
Which is not at all surprising!
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In summation, If you're a decent human being, you have no business in establishment politics.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Clean Out America!

That's what it's going to take to make America great again.
The antifa Communists have proven it:

Vox Day is also continuing to report the ongoing episodes, tyrades & melees ensuing thanks to left-wing fanaticism and its Islamic fundamentalist-like extremism against Alt-Right's exercise of First Amendment rights:

Like the War Between The States, we did not start this, but it's high & past time to end it. This ain't your grandpa's Democratic Party, clones. That died in 1968 - probably earlier, with Kennedy's assassination & the rise of King JohnnyReb the 0nest (LBJ). The only way America lives through this century is a repudiation of Communism & words & media where possible and other means as necessary. Let the aggressor set the rules. When they bring a gun, reply with cannons.
"Mixed system" is a philosophy of the sheltered and ignorant. In any mixture of food and poison, poison eventually wins. So it is with the radical left, if not routed and driven into the sea!
You cannot mix liberty and slavery anymore than you can mix light and darkness.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mid-Life Crisis...

*NOTE: This is a replacement post for one with a broken, unretrievable link. After a lost weekend of searching, more important info came our way:*

...That's what they used to call it, anyway:
You wake up one day and realize it's half-time or thereabouts, and that you've been running in place or shuffling along in goosestep instead of thinking, planning & - most importantly, executing (a plan means nothing if it's not acted on). These points may help if you've recently found yourself in the bleachers instead of on the field - they are working for me:
1. Consider the possibility you have wasted half your life trying to live someone else's vision/"do what you SHOULD" according to hypocrite collectivists (altruism) instead of what you wanted.
2. Remember the goals you originally set for yourself when you were young, and get back on course - chances are excellent there's time left to achieve them. If you never did this, THAT is a big part of why you feel so lost now.
3. Remove yourself graciously from any associations that hinder your success (you're gonna find out those who CLAIM to love you the most are going to help you the least, and in many cases, work against you). GraceLESSLY, if need be.
4. Keep those close who help, and cherish every moment you have with them!
5. (Perhaps this should have been #1, or 2) SYSTEMATICALLY REMOVE From your home & work place things associated with bad memories, obsessions and other distraction.
Fortunately for me, my "mid-life crisis" largely passed before I fully realized what was going on, and part  of my recovery had to do with the fact I was never really meant to exist anyway, and had outlived many of the collectivist doom-and-gloom LIES I was taught were going to kill me.
Saving the best for last: There are N0 chemical solutions! This is about the time most adults get sucked into the gravitic whirlpool of pharmaceuticals, alcohol &/ narcotics. Alcohol wooed me, but I didn't want to ruin our fine working relationship with a DEATHtime commitment & cut back to savoring rather than showers.
You'll come through this, if you simply use your brain, realizing that you become what you think about!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Twenty-One Seconds

Seriously, clones...that's how fucking long I had to listen to the "international women's day" episode of the Tom Leykis Show before he started bashing Donald Trump...just like any other JEW$media/establishment press hack! Galt-in-Da-Box made the mistake of giving a listen in hope of substantive content, like he used to provide, but it's pretty clear that's more OVER than World War II. The Professor has been hulled, gutted & transformed via hand-up-ass technology into another sock-puppet of the Khazar-Papist cabal & its Veldt$chtaat hasbara machine. The really sad part of pay-to-say hackdom, is that the gravy train's gonna stop at some point. If Tommy's goyim, there's gonna come a point in time where the bagel-munching Bol$hevik$ rewarding him handsomely to spew their dreck are going to figure he's "ech$chpendet hiz oosfelnezz", then they'll cut off the Great Ko$$ack Fiat-paper $pigot and he'll be outside looking in - just like Limbaugh. Selling out your principles and your country may be lucrative work, but it's only seasonal employment.
I wonder if they'll give him that "overqualified " line of shit they hand everyone else?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pussy Pass Day

Or international FEMIN$TAZIISM day, if you prefer & Galt-in-Da-Box calls it around CFN HQ.
Stefan Moleneaux has a few interesting facts - often suppressed by the Establishment - which make hamburger of perhaps the Most SACRED Cow of all forms of Spiritualism:

Thus we may have inadvertently stumbled upon the secret of the massive power chicks hold over dudes OTHER Than "a warm, wet place to stick it" - which will become more obvious the further along you watch. It explains why so many men NEVER say "No!" to a woman, and thus contribute to their delinquency. It sheds interesting and disturbing light on the DEVILution of Western Civilization into what can only, honestly be called - and in British Commonwealth nations Definately ARE - the most pussywhipped cultures on planet. It verifies toward the end my personal experiences and suggests some solutions, though they are likely based on the very problem they are meant to solve.
If you never say no, you are going to be treated like a doormat, and rightfully so. You will be the laughing stock of real men, who aren't afraid to use the word. Get used to being poor also, because a fool and his money are soon parted, and a fool never says no, especially to femin$tazi deadweight. He always wants more of it, and has been born, bred and raised to be the altruistic sacrificial lamb-slave a Khazar-Papist cabal topheavy collective depends upon to keep its warfare, workfare & welfare $chtaat plantation grinding ever closer to Jew World Order/global Khazar Empire.
Show me a man who can never say no, and I'll show you a boy who was pussywhipped nearly to death in a single-parent, welfare-society "home".

Sunday, March 5, 2017

"Luck" Or Diligence?

"Luck of the Irish". "Pot luck". "I feel lucky." 
All terms used in description of something not understood, which of course leaves the door open for more-than-reasonable doubt. Doubt is the king of dispensationalist emotionalism, so room must always be made for it in their lack of logic. The best they ever hope for is survival, because their decision-making processes are fowled by unhealthy amounts of scepticism. 
Back in real life, among those who consistently live it, the view is different: There's a motivational outlook quite unique to the person who believes and achieves; whose thinking is clear and honest & has set aside instant gratification for long-term rewards. They realize success depends upon calling their shot and having the courage to take it. Doctor defined it as "the two 'c's" - Clearness and Concern.
To receive anything we have to be Clear about what we want, then become Concerned about receiving it. Clearness involves listing the desired goal in minute detail. Concern takes the form of thinking through completely how to attain it. The greater the clarity and concern, the less room we leave for fear, doubt & uncertainty. These good habits can replace apprehension, procrastination & disappointment as they are daily & faithfully practiced.
Success is the result of positive, forward thinking like this to achieve results. There are no lose ends nor anything left to chance. The results may be immediate, or take some time, depending on the goal, how well we've planned and how well/faithfully we act on the plans. Developing a habit and proficiency of this discipline is called diligence.
There's a mountaintop of success to which you can rise, if you're willing to stop settling for just getting by!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Deplorable Truth

UNLESS the Republican Party finds the freaking agates to clean house
(if it doesn't purge the globalist, leftist, communism-enabling, dual-citizen Khazar-Papist cabal from its midst)
Trump will wind up just another puppet & America will never be great again.
Evade that reality all you want, but you do so at your peril!