Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Proposed Compromise

Toward a REAL tripartite society.
Galt-in-Da-Box has been meditating long and hard on this. American CULTure - thanks to spiritualism, socialism and the authoritarianism they breed - is top and bottom heavy with looting, mooching welfare-whining ne'er-do-wells who, perfectly able-bodied and talented though many of them may be, lack the willingness, intelligence or BOTH to make it in life without momma's apron string.
Tom Leykis recently proposed free birth control, including abortions, for the poor after pointing out this Washington Post article, which all got me rethinking and reverse-engineering the whole social programs issue. Of the three most objectionable practices of government (Workfare State, Warfare State & Welfare State), the welfare state still turns out to be the least, so why not orientate things thusly: let all social programs be available to anyone who wants them provided they sign a waiver to all their Bill of Rights! Why should they keep something they obviously never intend to use? On the other end of the scale, let incompetent CEOs & BanKHAZAR$ loot as much as they want to, on the conditions it cannot be in cash, it must be on public record and they have to pay an 84% INCOME TAX WITH NO DEDUCTIONS! They also cannot allocate said funds in a personal tax shelter or a not-for-profit organization in which they hold office or are associated with in any way other than as a donor. Legal settlements, insurance benefits, inheritances and other tax-exempt payments to individuals making $1M/year+ would ALSO fall into this category. At the same time, automating the bureaucracy & phasing out Union-labor "double-dippers" of public pensions would also be implemented. Want a brass ring? You'll get it, alright...shoved right up your ass!!!
Be careful what you wish for!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

On Growing Up

Adulthood is becoming a rare to lost art.
Too many people have been conditioned by the system to be lifetime toddlers; dependent individuals; constant seekers of thrills, entertainment, distraction, drugs, perversion or the approval of others. This is the chewy bullshit center of many of our common issues. When a human being operates in this abnormal, unnatural mode, he or she will be unproductive and noncontributing most of their lives!
With children, it's understandable. Babies are cute, but when they're old enough to walk and talk, they are expected to continue the learning and maturing process to the point they are capable of independence, self-reliance, and producing more than they consume. Just this week I encountered three people lost in the realm of immaturity: The first was a 70 year old chick who practically demanded everyone else pay for her healthcare. The second was a fairly well-developed in most ways lady, who couldn't see that wearing her heart on her sleeve was her undoing! The third was an even younger man of the same persuasion, still living with mom in his late 20s. These are the better cases!
Others in the same category include dopers, drunkards, fagits...just about ANY Variety of non-thinking individual seeking someone or something other than themselves to rely upon, and therefore of course blame for the consequences of their lack of maturity.
The crutch for these motivational cripples may vary, but that end result is the same: If YOU are unfortunate enough to be the object of their alleged "affections" you will be the object of their wrath! This is why I intentionally and deliberately disassociate from anyone who constantly asks me for money, a place to stay, cosigning a loan, etc. You cannot help others who do not want to be helped, but want to drag you into their drama. Sorry, but a lack of reason, planning or self-discipline on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.
Not surprisingly, these are also the people who are, or are most likely to WHINE About "social justice/income inequality/women's rights" etc.
Not. Even. Trying. To hear that shit! ~ just as most of them don't like this message. The real crisis in America is NOT a lack of empathy, or altruism (as the Jewsmedia would have you believe, ironically for their own selfish interests)...it's a Lack Of BACKBONE. Everything and everybody Is NOT "Beautiful...in their own way". WINNERS are beautiful. Achievers are beautiful! SUCCESS is beautiful!!! And it makes those who have it attractive to others.
If you want someone to care about you, you can attract them by caring about yourself!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Persona Non Grata

If you are going to "school" me, You BETTER know WTF you're talking about, or you're history!
Galt-in-Da-Box WILL smoke you out and call your bullshit. There's nothing I despise more than a physician of no value; an hypocrite who claims to have all the answers and you find all their "answers" boil down to empty-headed emotionalism laced with "DON'T!!!"s & "IF YOU DON'T!!!"s; alleged "leaders" who are nothing but camp-followers and bleating shepherds. The world is full of such phonies! Do you marvel that I rant and rail against politics? Wonder no more.
Lincoln is reported to have said "Public office is the last resort of the incompetent", and on further review (looking beyond and "under the hood") of "the official (BULLSHIT) story", he would have known from experience. We live in an age where "trust, but verify" has to be your lifestyle to keep from fucking up your life. Show me the dude that "just gotz ta take it bah FAITH, Brother" and I'll show you a Fucking LOSER. There are several reasons for my assertion, the majority based on practical experience, that one must vette one's mentors:
Jerry Fallwell.
Jim Bakker.
Jimmy Swaggart!
Need I say more?
I wasted a year of my life on a so-called "outreach" program that was actually nothing more than a multi-level marketing scam, under the diligent tutelage of a religious bureaucrat who clearly never had an original thought in his life, was wholly subservient to a second-hander Johnny-Reb of the inherited wealth, dumb-jock-for-JEEZU$$$ persuasion, all under the guise of "helping others is the key to helping yourself"...The altruist fairytale! The only thing I learned from it was that altruism covers much more vanity and egotism than actual selfishness ever could dream of. Fast-forward a few years to an employer who - typical to his Papist background - believed he could borrow his way to success while workfaring government cronies. To avoid murdering the arrogant, ignorant fucking redneck, I moved on. Choose your teachers well. All talk and no brains motherfuckers like those just described are useful only as "mark and avoid" material/samples of "what it is NOT." Claiming to know or believe something is quite ubiquitous, those who can prove they know by what they do, not so much: Find those successful at what you want to do and follow their lead. Spend time with them and pick their brains - watch how they operate and build their examples into your plan. There's a point at which no amount of research and study can help, and that is where you have to find a living, breathing blueprint...
The rest can just be shown the door!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ex Post Valentinia

THIS ONE Is For ALL The Dudes out there who just wasted a perfectly good evening WHINING because you didn't have a date:
Why are you So UNAPPRECIATIVE Of your freedom!?
DO NOT Wait Until you have vow-coupled yourself to a psychopath or closet sociopath, and are looking back at yesternight in lamentable longing to realize that "significant other" isn't...
Don't wait til you've popped out a couple kids with her, til all her weakness is "YOUR FAULT!!!", til the dark and ugly time when whining, drama and bullshit are a DAILY Part of - not only YOUR Permanently Fucked-Up life, but those of kids who aren't merely innocent bystanders but entrenched prisoners of it - to WAKE THE FUCK UP & Want To Live
This is NOT a dress rehearsal, this Is IT:
The One Life you get!
That goes for bitches too, especially the chicks who never leave the couch unless it's to cash their welfare check; the gestating femin$tazi somewhere between cutting off all your hair and putting on 100 pounds, the brain-filthied Papist who FEEEEEELS it's some kind of moral obligation to crank out illegitimate children she can't afford to support - the "bored", bullshiTVision-addicted dames who can't afford a car but always have the latest cell phone, currently bitching about &/ blaming those kids or the latest deadbeat they're fucking for their situation:
Get over yourself, darling.
There's a whole world out there in a titanic universe, that - contra the jingoism you were fed growing up - not only doesn't revolve around you nor worship the ground you walk on...DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT!
Upset nobody took you out last night?
What did you do to attract an offer?
I mean a SERIOUS offer from someone with a life, not Vinny " the Big Knife" Machete or some Johnny Reb from the trailer next door.
Most likely NOTHING.
Like my mom, you were indoctrinated to EXPECT Everything handed to you, simply because of a hole between your legs. When that doesn't happen, by damn you DEMAND Worship, and go on a tyrade til it's surrendered. Read this closely Ms. Andry: You are getting what you gave!
Your environment is a merciless mirror of who, and more importantly WHAT you are!!!
If you do not like what you have, you must improve what you give off. Life only "happens to" LOSERS!

You will always get what you want, so make certain what you want is worth having.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Big Game Hype

An empty wagon rattles the most, and that's never more evident than today.
Some topics the Papi$t talking heads will NEVER bring up during the 24-hour, well-leveraged blatherfest going on now are
*The number of current players who will never see retirement age.
*The amount of taxpayer money scammed out of various locales for corporate-named stadiums to keep NFL teams from pulling a Mayflower truck up in the middle of the night and bailing out.
*The possibility of a link between head injuries, ALS & other neural function diseases the players get.
*The humongous price tag on the TV spots, let alone financing the full day's gab preceding the rigged game.
*Will BelliCHEAT & pretty-boy Tom ever see any consequences, regardless of how many tricks they pull, or is the Khazakh fix in for good.
*How many ignored fowls & questionable ref calls it takes to get a shitty coaster team to the top of the pyramid over teams with better talent from fly-over country.
No doubt you have more than a few topics that will likely not see the light of day about various aspects of the National Felony League, so feel free to bring them up here!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

A New Day

For freedom of self-expression worldwide.
Yesterday a trio of religious elitists went on a murdering spree - not unlike a tiny but wealthy, self-righteous minority that has been manipulating US into police actions for 15 years now - and were quickly put down by police in France (ANOTHER gun-grabbing, Agenda 21 $chtaat, whose journalists paid the ultimate price for that ignorance). Many here are shocked and silent. Others have ginned up the Khazakh jingoism about "9-11!!! WAR ON TERROR!!! BOMB-BOMB-BOMB, BOMB-BOMB IRAN!!!" Still the majority look the other way, conditioned after DECADES of Politically Correct brainfilthying, they have no right to express themselves about anything, lest they be accused by Progressive KHAZAri$tocracy of being "bullies/mysogenists/racists"/place radical leftist label dujour here.
The fanatics opposing funny-mental-ist Muslims are no different than they are, the only difference being that they use debt-enslaved political power & the corporate media they own to engage in acts of terrorism worldwide, rather than machine-guns against journalists in Paris.
Galt-in-Da-Box wishes to issue a personal challenge:
The next time you encounter an incident where some fat, blond, ski-ramped-nosed, ugly femin$tazi is browbeating someone (usually a man) for speaking his mind, accusing him of "bullying" for calling her fat, ugly, bagel-munching daughter fat and ugly, when She IS - IN FACT - Fat & Ugly - on Facebook, Twitter or in real life - SPEAK UP. Take the side of the truth-teller! Demand the Khazar-Papist COMMUNIST Whiners take their bullshit show down the road, and preferably, back to their stolen "land of promise"! Maybe even back to KHAZAKHstan where they belong.
In the Constitution, we have something called the first amendment. It protects freedom of speech as well as freedom of religion. Quite frankly, it does not place religion above reproach, as so many mind-numbed, salvation-by-WASP-CULTure preaching robots insist it is. There are no limits, exceptions, nor again asterisked legal Mumbo-Jumbo disclaimers - as much as the Soroses & Feinsteins of the Econo-Political lending and ruling classes wish they did. These war-monging, war profiteering bastards need to be reminded there are more of those they live off of thoughtlessly, than there are of them. They need someone to get in their face. They need to be told to fuck off - in those words precisely - and why. We've been bulshined by these gainsaying hucksters to "accept the things we cannot change". I assert it's well past time to start changing these things which we should never have accepted to begin with!!!
Free speech deserves a new day in the American sun, and there's no better way to start!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Oops, I'm late.

Yes, it's New Years Day.
It's also "mother's day" for Galt-in-Da-Box, which means I gotta pay this, that & the other mother! On to the big announcement, which is our de facto relocation to Facebook, which pretty much makes this blog obsolete.
You'll find me at
after logging in, and I'll select the more prominent, important stories to repost here, but it's gonna be few & far between (oh hell, it's been going that way quite a while).
Drop by & feedback from time to time!