Sunday, July 15, 2018

Recovery Day

Bob Carter awoke hopeful, but with an unavoidable air of sorrow.
His beloved Mara was gone. The living room was still strewn with the medical trash, the abandoned useless weapons of a desperate battle for life lost. She had suffered a massive coronary, suddenly and without warning the previous night. The ambulance came quickly and the paramedics kept her alive all the way to the hospital, where she had passed away during surgery. Now there was a vast emptiness in the center of his once-happy family and life. One he was determined to face and fill, though how still evaded thought and even concept.
On the nightstand sat an ornate frame next to the alarm, a big center picture of Mara flanked by the two beautiful kids with which she had blessed him. Jim and Sharon would need him now more than ever, and he realized he would likewise need them.
I still have reasons for living, he thought.
He remembered fondly Mara's most prominent attitude: Always there to lovingly help, and decided then and there to make that how he would honor her memory. Not by fixing things for people, but supporting their efforts to fix them. This is my recovery day, he thought. We are going to be made stronger by this, together! Not because we have to, but want's what Mara would have wanted.
Wiping away tears, he began thinking about the children, and the day ahead. Calling in, he found arrangements were already made for bereavement leave, and accepted thankfully. The loss had effected so many outside the family: Mara Carter was almost as cherished by her coworkers at the business they ran together as she was by her family. There were memorial service and funeral arrangements to be made, and so he started across the bedroom to the small writing desk where she had always finished business for the day before retiring. Somewhere in the rolltop was the will and insurance papers, but upon opening the top he saw, very neatly placed, a manilla Hallmark envelope. In the middle of the envelope was his name, in her handwriting.
Bob picked it up to open it, expecting to find pictures or mementos of some kind within.
Instead, was a simple, blank note card, inside which was written:

"By the time you read this, I will have passed away. What to say to my beloved on this beginning of a new chapter in his life is that, though I am gone, my love for you abides. A few words on paper can never replace the wondrous life we have had together, but I know from my brief time with you that you will prevail over grief, and draw triumph from tragedy. In the hardest times, remember our best times. In your darkest hour, be a light to others. Life in the world comes to an end, but true love never does. Be strong and of a good courage, and let that courage turn this day of mourning into a new beginning...your Recovery Day."

With those last words Bob learned he was known as well as he had known, maybe a bit more.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Saturday Evening Re-Post

Paul Elam’s PRICELESS What Men Fear The Most...which is actually what they should IGNORE the most!
He brilliantly lays out in this talk how gynocentrism and romantic chivalry are programmed into men from childhood, and thereby allows them to untie the knots the Khazar-Papist cabal has tied in their minds.
You may need to watch the video linked a few times before you start thinking outside the blue pill coffin spiritualism and socialism have had your mind in for so long.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A Farewell To The NFL

There’s a close working relationship between the (((Old-Money Filthy-Rich))) who own the National Felon League teams and the owner$ of the JEW$media “Establishment Press”.
Here’s WHY That is.
Globalists already Control ALL The real money so a loss of FRNs from ruining the American gridiron franchise means nothing to them, as long as it’s used as an hasbara platform during the ruination process.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Proposition Nation

More clearly, the FAIRYTALE that a nation can be founded on a vague, nebulous philosophy or simply codified into law that can be easily changed to suit the lawyers, is directly challenged by key words in the Preamble to the Constitution:
“We The People of the United States” refers to a specific category and group, not the scum of the Earth for which atheistic, globalist/communist Bank$taz seem to have boundless affection and the PSEUDAEOchristianity of the Whore of Babylon demands endless altruism.
“to ourselves and our posterity” certainly does not appear to grant gratuitous wiggle room for letting in millions of low IQ migrants to be the new tax and debt slaves for the globalist BanKHAZAR$ and the Washington DC PAPI$Ticians they own.
Here are some choice moments of clarity from John Stossel for your holiday that clearly express what we are in great and imminent danger of losing, and the British lost centuries ago, due to their Imperial experiments with globalism.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Globalists Are Communists...

There has never been a communist regime that was not banking on the dispensationalist gullibility and gynocentric spiritualism behind American PSEUDAEOchristianity for a phat altruistic gimme.

Of Popular $chill$

The Establishment hype means they are either building him up now to destroy him later, or promoting one of their own plastic sophists.
Both or either, Jordan Peterson can’t or won’t honestly answer the JQ.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Reset: Major Victories For Liberty

Our top story this week concerned SCOTUS ruling against leftist government unions that had previously been able to extract dues from non-members & upcoming Supreme Court Justice retirement and replacement.
Anytime the Trump team puts more points on the board is a good one, but the sustained economic growth news moved the ball down field even more, and we're looking at the possibility of ending Bu$h'$ initial interventionist "police action" in Iraq, too.
For all that may be said against The Rug, he's doing a pretty good job of cleaning up the messes caused by almost two decades of communist subversion!