Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Two Simple Words

You really don't even have to say that, but when you're dealing with the JEW$media - especially if they invite you to your own execution in the form of an interview - you do not grant them the privilege of cutting your throat & disembowling you in front of your community & nation. Galt-in-Da-Box treats the Establishment Press with the silent distain their owners treat white goyim who call KHAZARi$tocracy/KHAZARocRAT bullshit:
Answer them nary a word! 
The fruited plain is littered with the faithful remnants of Conservatives who believed Dale Carnegie could best Saul Alinsky, because the borrower won't beat the lender & their good pseudochristian collection agents. In an age when you can circumvent them via Twitter or other social media to accurately report your side of the story, why would you want it filtered through the convoluted, distorted baffles of radical Zioni$t lefti$m? And if they ever come knocking, you never answer the door! Unless you're a fellow Khazar-Papist, they have not "always been a fan", and there's the universal principle of "if it bleeds, it leads", even if you're a cabal member!
Look at all the celebrities they built up to tear down and tell me, even if you are a "liberal", if you can trust the American Goebbel$ Machine!?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Did YOU survive?

Paul Elam barely escaped unscathed:

A Day Without A Woman had such an impact Galt-in-Da-Box didn't even hear about it until over three months since it ended.
Safe wager you didn't either!
QED - there are reasons why men build houses and women only live in them. Until femin$tazi stop the denialism, come clean & admit they are mostly second-handers, those reasons will never be explored with the scrutiny they deserve!
The world did not crash & burn on March 8th for those same reasons.
We men really only need you for one particular thing, and it's NOT your Endless Bitching, nor your extremely overdeveloped sense of entitlement.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Used To Be

It's a phrase you better start getting used to hearing, because - operating on the very great assumption that every conversation in the future is not somehow recorded & monitored for political correctness - you are going to be hearing it often:
That used to be my business.
This used to be a great place to live.
See that house over there? It used to be my family's home.
Hell, family has just about become a used-to-be in certain parts of the country, or redefined into irrelevance as "any group of people living under the same roof".
Perhaps the mantra has already started in limited degree among your friends, family & coworkers?
That is what happens when everyone is more concerned with the size of Kim Khazar-douche-ian's ass, or a really cool-looking fidget spinner than they are about where corrupt politicians and greedy banKHAZAR$ are leading US.
Making America great again appears to have been put on Indefinate hold: The first major policy focus of the allegedly "new" administration became replacing socialized medicine with fascized medicine ala Paul Ryan instead of repealing the abomination quickly.
Not one mile of new border wall has been built, but DHS and ICE have decided to start arresting border hoppers again, leaving the socialist work of settling them in the country to the Whore of Babylon - which is still overpaid by government for its own subversion.
It used to be a stated aim of the Trump campaign to fight globalism, but strange things happen when you get inside the machine and find out - contrary to popular belief - you're not the one operating it:
Upwards of 70% of Khazars are liberal or leftist, and since one of the many facets of society under their control is lending, that pretty much tells you precious time between elections and close to all of the Trump agenda is going to be wasted.
We used to be a great country-when we watched our backs, did for ourselves, and looked for ways to serve one another instead of expecting government to do it all for US.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Anti-Racist Hitler

This is absolutely brilliant!

If Adolf Hitler was alive today and still allegedly conducting a war on Jews, the machinery would already be in place everywhere west of Germany, and he could do it without a single bullet, or gas chamber.
He would only have to attack from the radical left instead of the right-Use banks instead of tanks! Employ the same tactics communists are using on Western Civilization today: Manipulate Hebrews everywhere into giving up their culture - in fact, shame them through public "education" & media propaganda into hating it, and tax the fuck out of them to pay for it...Maybe organize a ton of different groups to protest "Jewish privilege" or hold "anti-Netanyahu" rallies...
Basically, all Adolf Hitler would need is to turn the KHAZARi$tocracy upon itself, and use its own ways against it.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Genocide Mask Gone

They are hiding nothing.
JEW$media flagship leaves no doubt to the KHAZARi$tocracy's agenda to "diversity" white goyim out of existence in America, as they've been doing in Europe:

Not surprisingly, this rag is the brainchild of gun-grabbing Michael Bloomberg...After all, you can't subjugate goyim that can fight back.
The math doesn't get any simpler.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

No Femin$tazi Approval..

or, What Men Fear The Most

To put it another way, the most disgusting aspect of the American male lack of character.
From close personal observation, Galt-in-Da-Box can tell you Paul Elam is touching lightly on this critical issue. From dear-bought experience, safe to say every word is spot-on, though an understatement. Pussy-whipping was a big part of my upbringing, especially the femin$taziism-filled 1970s. The Roman CULT & Der Holy Mother $chtaat did wonders for Earth/Bitch-Worshipping Spiritualism. Following as it did on the heels of 60 years of murdering father figures in unnecessary, Democrat-created or facilitated military interventionism, the soil of American youth was fertile ground for vaginization.
Today, my boss at work cannot say no to anyone with a hole between her legs. An alleged "family man" coworker never stops talking about the importance of listening to his wife & "being sensitive" to how she FEEEEEELs. This mind-numbing, touchy-feely BULLSHIT is Everywhere in a thousand different gynocentric forms. Do you wonder why society is embracing perversion? Do you marvel that your children - especially your son(s) - embrace fagitry like it was normal? Academics are predominately female & feline now, and the inherent subtilty, seduction and lack of morality and accountability have followed the femin$tazi from the gigolo's bedroom to the class room, facilitating the transition of our schools into spiritualist seminaries of weakness.
A nation is only as strong as the men who compose it. In order for those men to lead families, logic, reason & critical thinking have to be the dominant curriculum, not the sophism of empty-headed emotionalism. We're into our fourth generation of creeping male weakness, produced by femin$tazi single-parent homes, created by weak, never-there men with the ethics of parasites. Only a fool believes this all came out of nowhere and happened by chance.
Most men of our time do not think. They do not reason, they FEEEEEEL. They don't just admit this, they're almost proud of it! When one is brought up from the cradle to bow and scrape to the female, this is the mentality which results. Catering to weakness breeds more weakness. Weak men - as we've seen in Europe for almost a century now - form weak nations, encourage indebtedness & sloth, and eventually yield their natural authority to whatever barbarian force elects to take it. Constantly seeking the approval of those who never think leads to weak-mindedness, and an endless lust to look and feel good instead of being right - which is the only thing that can honestly provide both!