Saturday, May 20, 2017

No Femin$tazi Approval..

or, What Men Fear The Most

To put it another way, the most disgusting aspect of the American male lack of character.
From close personal observation, Galt-in-Da-Box can tell you Paul Elam is touching lightly on this critical issue. From dear-bought experience, safe to say every word is spot-on, though an understatement. Pussy-whipping was a big part of my upbringing, especially the femin$taziism-filled 1970s. The Roman CULT & Der Holy Mother $chtaat did wonders for Earth/Bitch-Worshipping Spiritualism. Following as it did on the heels of 60 years of murdering father figures in unnecessary, Democrat-created or facilitated military interventionism, the soil of American youth was fertile ground for vaginization.
Today, my boss at work cannot say no to anyone with a hole between her legs. An alleged "family man" coworker never stops talking about the importance of listening to his wife & "being sensitive" to how she FEEEEEELs. This mind-numbing, touchy-feely BULLSHIT is Everywhere in a thousand different gynocentric forms. Do you wonder why society is embracing perversion? Do you marvel that your children - especially your son(s) - embrace fagitry like it was normal? Academics are predominately female & feline now, and the inherent subtilty, seduction and lack of morality and accountability have followed the femin$tazi from the gigolo's bedroom to the class room, facilitating the transition of our schools into spiritualist seminaries of weakness.
A nation is only as strong as the men who compose it. In order for those men to lead families, logic, reason & critical thinking have to be the dominant curriculum, not the sophism of empty-headed emotionalism. We're into our fourth generation of creeping male weakness, produced by femin$tazi single-parent homes, created by weak, never-there men with the ethics of parasites. Only a fool believes this all came out of nowhere and happened by chance.
Most men of our time do not think. They do not reason, they FEEEEEEL. They don't just admit this, they're almost proud of it! When one is brought up from the cradle to bow and scrape to the female, this is the mentality which results. Catering to weakness breeds more weakness. Weak men - as we've seen in Europe for almost a century now - form weak nations, encourage indebtedness & sloth, and eventually yield their natural authority to whatever barbarian force elects to take it. Constantly seeking the approval of those who never think leads to weak-mindedness, and an endless lust to look and feel good instead of being right - which is the only thing that can honestly provide both!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Russian Conspiracy Theories...

...and the KILLary body bag they were concocted to cover up.

Draw your own conclusions, clones!

Coloring Your World

Barack Obama spent two terms dismantling civil rights & race relations in the US with his anti-white hate, gun-grabber mentality & continuation of the Jew World Order-building George W. Bu$hevik started.
In honor of his work, Galt-in-Da-Box has added the Stuff Black People Don't Like blog to our Network Affiliates & a link where you can help expose the ongoing white genocide in South Africa. CFN will also be paying particular attention to the ongoing African invasion of Western Europe, brought to WestCiv by its enemies at BanKHAZAR & it's faithful sycophants in Brussels. 
We did not make geopolitics about identity. The radical left has been doing that for 40 years, and thereby created a crisis which can no longer be ignored - although that won't stop most Papi$t white goys from trying! This liberal denialism does nothing to change the facts nor obstruct the reality that millions of non-whites are being bought by welfare & brought into the west every year to serve the purposes of the Khazar-Papist cabal in turning US communist & the EUssr MORE Communist.
Anyone who FEEEEEELs that is a wonderful idea aught to take a closer look at Venezuela & an even closer look at this:

Agenda 21 is the perfect subversion vehicle. 
What it's multiCULTural, diversity-mongering dupes are going to do when they are minorities in their own countries & the imported moochers become looters & murderers as BanKHAZAR cuts off the Great KO$$ACK Credit Spigot after the bill arrives and the Papi$tocracy defaults can likely be answered in one word: DIE! The violence has already started in Paris & at UC Berkley. It will get out of control if Americans are stupid enough to let Der Holy Mother Ko$$ack$chtaat disarm them (look for the next effort to be pushed by Paul Ryan & similar CUCKservatines)!
The FAUXright is still playing the "0h YEAH? Well we can do that, TOO!" game with the communists. Most of the Republican Party are GeOPapi$t traitors like Jeb Bu$hevik, longing for another opportunity to move the chains for the Roth$child rugrat$. This genetic mutation started with Nixon and shows no sign of ending as long as the GOP has the Whore of Babylon's shlong in its yapper. If you regularly buy Republican, research the front-runners candidate by candidate to make goddamned certain that's what you are getting, the way savvy shoppers read ingredient labels - remembering that Papi$t=LEFTIST.
Yes it IS all about "identity politics" - IT ALWAYS HAS BEEN To Be Honest - and it's a game white American goyim better start playing again to win.

Monday, May 15, 2017

On Stiletto Heels...

...of one of the most gynocentric emotionalism laden days of the year, comes THIS Priceless gem:

The game is pretty much up. Motherhood is great, single motherhood - contra the newest establishment hasbara, designed to encourage more broken home dependency upon government - not so much!
There are plenty of tales I could tell, but having grown up at a time where most family males were expected to behave responsibly & were rewarded for doing so, I didn't think much about what was happening at the time. One accepts such things as they are, and when exposed to the toxic radiation of so-called nuclear families around one, grows to learn to be thankful for the good things. I also believed my situation to be the hidden-away norm, rather than the exception, having been raised in Vaticanism & noting that denialism is a huge part of dispensational religion and its toxic effect on society.
It's getting impossible to deny for much longer.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

No Celebration Here

Mom checked out in 1991, and Galt-in-Da-Box get to celebrate Mother's Day every two weeks in coincidence with pay day, as I pay THIS mother, THAT Mother & the OTHER Mother (better known as Der Holy Mother KO$$ACK$chtaat).
...Speaking of which

Vitout Der $chtaat, who would keep ze goyim in their place?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Playing Captain Save-A-Ho...

...can get you fucking killed:

Now, you have to realize we're talking about Johnny-Reb country, people who were very likely not in the US legally & the drug CULTure. Factor Papi$t/WASP CULTure gynocentric brain-filthying into the equation, and dude didn't have - literally - a prayer in hell. Here was a man totally set up for his own destruction. The smart play would have been to call the cops. The smarter thing would have been to move along and mind his own business.
Rewind to another less-volatile episode in Galt-in-Da-Box's history: Old flame calls me up and explains her latest cross-country move to chase some dude she fell in love with on Facebook. She's ended up out in the middle of nowhere in some overpriced east-coast hellhole $chtaat...all this on the heels of prior info about a wonderful "home-based business" (for those who don't speak Hucksterism, that means MLM $cam) she's involved in. All this is a slowly-evolving pitch for me to drive across the country and rescue her from the consequences of her own emotionalism because "it's what a gentleman would do!!!" We didn't get that far, because for the first time in our many conversations, I made for a quick exit. Since that time, the old flame has vanished from the scene.
These situations are similar in that FSFM attention whores always have something they need to be saved from, usually created by their own poor choices. Entire non-profit, government-funded non-industries have evolved almost exclusively for the purpose of allegedly riding to their rescue! This makes our job much simpler in that we can refer to them when Ms. FeelSorryForMe shows up again like a stray kitty you were stupid enough to feed the first time.
I'll happily engage in some aspects of chivalry when there's obvious benefit involved (like say, moving something heavy for a lady at work) but major league idiocy like stepping in between Johnny & Jainy Reb when they're cat-fighting at the trailer park? Fuck no!!! The preferred trajectory in life is upward and over. It cannot be achieved with baggage. It certainly cannot be achieved by taking on the baggage of others. 
The devil-spirit realm via the Khazar-Papi$t cabal has "SHOULD!!!" all over the minds of men everywhere that they have an obligation to save the world from its own willful ignorance, and this presumption - thanks to third-wave femin$taziism & other lies they tell - is antiquated at best in our day and time.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Red Pill Radio

If you're a fan of "the Professor" but NOT a fan of his new 24/7 Trump-troll format, Red Pill Radio is your baby!
This YouTube channel hearkens listeners back to the halsyon days of Leykis 101 and "talk about the things You...REALLY Want to talk about" sans recent Khazar-felating narratives & SJWhiner canards now wearing themselves out at The New Normal - which has become the retreaded $oro$.
Definately worth your time.
UPDATE: Once you search for it, other channels offering TTLS Episodes will appear. These are not as wild and free as the Internet project shows, but the same content is there - for as long as it lasts! Copyright issues may well ensue, so get what you can while the getting's good.