Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fin Del Mundo

Doom & gloom are in the forecast again!
CPFs know that means barring the ACTUAL end of the world this Saturday, Galt-in-Da-Box will be at the 3rd Fin Del Mundo party (dutch treat) @ Cheddar's on Coliseum Blvd in Fort Wayne, 9ish that night...
I'll be the guy at the bar in a recently-perforated tinfoil hat!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Some Important Changes

This is going to shake things up a bit here, but it appears that is needed:
Use It Or Lose It
That's to be CFN policy going forward on comments & affiliates. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, or at least gets replaced by a CAFPOS Chinese-made knock-off, but the wheels have been way quieter than normal of late from bloggers and commenters.
If there's no activity on the Comments section by the end of next month, it's going away.
Likewise, blogs with no new posts in over a year will be removed from Affiliates at the end of this one.
Find your voice, while you still have one!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Trump, Globalists Fornicate...

...Alt-Right fedayeen scrambles desperately for excuses as white goyim take it up the tailpipe yet again from Khazar-Papi$t cabal owned GeOPapi$try.
And that funny noise in the background is your alarm clock, as it's way past time for you to wake the fuck up:

The first step down was wholesale swallowing of Papist fairytales: Santa Claus (welfare $chtaat), tooth fairy (altruistically rewarding failure & catering to weakness), Easter bunny (Earth/bitch-worshipping spiritualism & accompanying sexual perversion, including celibacy). Add to those the myriad legion of heresies that compose the Whore of Babylon and have been its polytheistic body since the Second Apostasy of 200AD.
From 1865 to 1912, these cancers feasted on the American body politic, as what had been largely resisted successfully & marginalized before the Civil War, ruled the roost from Washington DC thereafter.
As the "Christian" spiritualists borrowed to get US into war after war, they opened the door to the BanKHAZAR$ & fiat currency - The ULTIMATE weapon for destroying individual liberty and property rights, since you cannot have imperialism nor totalitarianism with those things standing in your way.
Eventually, as women and other second-handers were given the vote, the decline toward fascism & socialism started. Khazar-Papist cabal must have one of the two to rule. In America, we have both, enshrined as political parties.
That brings us round to now. You bought Trump's sales pitch, hoping you would get a coaster unlike Bush, Romney, Cheney & McCain who actually meant what he said and said what he meant. In reality - given what happened to Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders, to say nothing of Gary Johnson - you had no other choice. If you did, he would have ALSO been marginalized. KHAZARi$tocracy is not about freedom of choice, but your freedom to choose from what atheistic, nihilistic, greedy Ko$$ack$ & their Papi$t borrowers have chosen for you:
A chronic election of the lesser of two or more evils leads inevitably to two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner, and the sheep is you, so don't be surprised to find your next presidential election candidates are Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan & Joseph Stalin.
And those guns you thought you didn't need anymore you better keep handy!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Card Of Thanks

Dear Deb:
It's been over three weeks since you very wisely decided to stop shoving Earth/Bitch-worshipping Spiritualism/Paganism disguised as Christianity at me, and I just wanted to express my sincerest most truthful appreciation for you FINALLY Doing something the average American femin$taazi never gets a clue how to do:
Shut the fuck up.
Please continue to do so, until such time as you get a clue by reading the Word of God for what it says, instead of reading the private interpretations of Jesuit sodomites and pederasts into it!
As you may have noticed, I do not give a dirty piece of a busted damn what those idolatrous politicians in Rome teach & preach about Christianity, the Bible, social morays, current events, or anything else. They may stumble over the truth once in a while, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.
Please consider moving to Texas! The necks are almost as red as yours, and just about everyone there, including the Protestants, is as much into three gods, life after death and salvation by altruism as you have pussywhipped the men in your dictatorial little circle to be.
Once again, many thanks, and please wake up soon!
~ Galt-in-Da-Box

Monday, September 11, 2017

52 Years On

What a weekend it was!
The movie catch-up binge started Saturday night with "Arrival" (which sucked) & "Alien:Covenant", which sucked much less. I was sucking down enough imported German microbrew & mixed nuts I really did not care.
Sunday those went back to shop and I picked up "LIFE" & "Rogue One" to enjoy after brunch:
Veal Parmesan from Casa Ristorante...which was bigger and cheaper than the last time I went there a couple years back.
The Main Event day kicked off with nachos for lunch at Bandido's at a sizable discount (birthday special), then home to prep for HF, where I was very well received. The brethren blessed with a card and gift.
And I believe the best is yet to come!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Treason And Apostasy...

...They are the "traditional" mainstays of

The bagel-munching Bol$hevik$ must have gotten quite chubby to hear this regurgitation of imperial bilge, but atleast it's a come-to-Jesus moment for Michael Voris: They say confession is good for the soul, and herein Voris openly admits the Whore of Babylon's hostility toward the Land of the Free.
Given Vaticanism's bloody history, many of the colonies which eventually became American states openly outlawed Roman "Catholicism" (which incidentally is Not REAL Catholicism, but that's another post for another time) and deliberately sought to keep it out of America or limit its influence.
Voris beats his favorite whipping boy, Martin Luther & his cherished dead horse, Protestantism for the evils of the United States, whiles basically rolling over on Rome & its political hostility toward America. The Founding Fathers knew of the Roman "Church"'s dogma of Temporal Power, and did not constitutionalize resistance thereof, but in those closing days of The Great Awakening, most Americans knew well that the Empire's game was anything but spiritual.
Mr. Voris, if your FUNNY-MENTAL-ist Roman "Catholicism" is "the one true church", why are there no signs & wonders following those who believe? Why does it in no way resemble the Acts of the Apostles? Why does it rely so heavily on borrowed money & political favors & expediency while continuing to reject the power of God? There are myriad more red flags flying, including its Whoring out to Communism via "Liberation" Theology & it's very common Social(ist) gospel.
Some I know get offended at references to the mother of harlots & abominations of the earth as a cult, but it might not even reach that low standard, given its chronic meddling in public affairs & gross indebtedness. It is, however, a monumental ego trip for femin$tazi, which CFN can't help noticing, appear to get the wettest at Comrade Voris's Pontiffications, and cannot refrain from preaching them.
Atleast for now - as long as Mike & his fellow authoritarian collectivists are a relative minority - those ladies are free to say whatever they like, even if it's just regurgitating his drivel. Voris loathes anything recognizing the individual, and will doubtless eventually get around to justifying drunkenness & wife-beating, if his pattern of "upholding family tradition" holds. You chicks may also want to take note of his stance on abortion, before you hop into bed with that bad boy with the leather jacket & silver tongue.
Finally, let's emphasize that most of ChurchMilitant's dogma can be readily dismissed by anyone with a Highschool-level reading ability & the willingness to read the Bible, instead of reading man-made atheo-illogy into it. If you, however, reject all personal responsibility for your mind, spirit & body, believe in bullshit like chance, luck, fate & the breaks, and are therefore one of those "suckers born every minute" P. T. Barnum referenced, maniac Mike & his fanatics are absolutely your dish:
When you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hocked Diamond Anniversary...

Or should that be adversary?
The Vatican no longer has any legitimate political hasn't for 75 years:
It - and so it logically follows - the Church, has been owned by the KHAZARi$tocracy since 27 June 1942. For all those who have been led to believe leftism started taking over in 1965, well...the bagel-munching Bol$hevik BanKHAZAR$ got their claws in decades earlier.
Wherever spiritualism leads, socialism follows, and communists OWNED the Church of Rome long before they started becoming it's clergy.
CFN wonders if Mr. Voris will shed some light on this someday soon?