Sunday, November 11, 2018

Of The First Veteran’s Day...

...and the hundred years’ peace that somehow failed to follow.
This is not a slight on our Veterans nor servicemen, not even upon the politicians, corrupt and power-hungry though they be. Galt-in-Da-Box thank God for the veterans! For the “kinetic military/police-actions” that have left many of them scarred in mind and body eversince WW1, not so much. For the trillion$ extorted in usury on the backs of taxpayers and the burgeoning imperial military-industrial complex that has arisen since, not at all! Yes, we should honor the disenfranchising the banKHAZARi$tocracy and disarming the globali$t Papi$tocracy that licks its boots. How many loved ones and disabled veterans would have been spared if we had done that a century ago?
It makes a serious case for doing whatever is necessary to accomplish the task, and today would be the best day to start.

#WhoreOfBabylon #SINagogueOfSatan #PoliticalTheatre

Thursday, November 8, 2018

It Was A Good Run

It would have been better without tons of typical GeOPapi$t laziness and stupidity that cost the Republicans the House.
The Election basically proved that, for America, low IQ imported third-world is going to become the new normal. Now all we have to look forward to is more compromise, more crawfishing & groveling, and a just about guaranteed certainty the border wall will never happen. Demography is destiny, and with the kind America has now, white Christian America is over. Perversity and mongrelization, promoted by communism on the left and spinelessness on the right is ensuring a fragmented US by 2050 or shortly thereafter, but it was a good run.
One cut short by CUCK$ervative RINOism and a typical, gross lack of willingness &/ ability on the part of Republicans to do anything with power once they have it.


Sunday, November 4, 2018

Intelligence Quotient Matters

It was a big part of why we really lost Vietnam, despite tricky-Dicky’s obfuscation and blame-shifting to start “the war on drugs” (a typical CUCK$ervative/neoCON move, btw).
Of course no one was going to criticize the McPapi$t - of “This is a press conference! The last thing I wanna do is answer a lot of stupid questions!!!” infamy - for letting hundreds of thousands of idiots into the armed least not while he was alive and could send the goon squads or mafia after them. More evidence suggests the intellectual decline of the West has not only a genetic element and been going on for some time now, but accelerated since the Immigration Act Of 1965, increasing in direct proportion to bribes for votes:
In short, when you remove all the risks and challenges of life, mental & motivational weakness ensues!


Saturday, November 3, 2018

“Your Goood Friend!”

There are subtle, reliable indicators of who he or she is...and who they’re not. There was an old song with this post title, cooed by some chick unknown to Galt-in-Da-Box, but  “your good friend”:
Shares your interests, not your info.
Is an example you want to emulate, not someone who pulls you down.
Is a great conversationalist, without a lot of sermons, gossip or downtalk.
May testify of something good they tried recently, but won’t constantly be trying to sell you something/is NOT into “network marketing”(MLM Scams).
Is the master of their own affairs, and therefore not constantly asking to borrow money or things.
Will NEVER Ask for co-signing a loan or “favors” that put you on the hook/spot.
May not be available when you are, but never “ghosts” you.
Is an actual person you have met and known for years, not an effigy on Facebook.
Calls upon you once in a’re not always having to initiate.
And finally, you could be apart for years, and pick up like you just saw each other yesterday.


Ponder The Possibility...

...or maybe Galt-in-Da-Box should call it high likelihood.
Just going on a hunch based on familiar patterns, though there are no articles found so far that corroborate it, but what if all the noise on alternative media about “white genocide” is actually projection? Is it possible the same gang that sold US the “global warming” fairytale and is now pushing “diversity” has come up with a targeted, fear-mongering campaign aimed directly at Ze (white) Goyim? Have you ever seen a dumblond white femin$TAZI forced to marry a black man? How many of those chicks have you noticed herded into an abortion clinic like it was an Auschwitz-bound cattle car? Aaron Clarey and Tom Leykis have never (to my knowledge) held a gun to any dude’s head, and threatened to blow it off if dude did not take the red pill. There’s an awful lot of questionable activity related to white genocide alarmism that leads the careful on-looker to conclude it may actually be white suicide.
There’s a palpable and undeniable element of voluntary action and self-inflicted wounding to much of that which is cited for evidence of “white genocide”:
Every time we ignored the obvious consequences of expecting and demanding ease, comfort and something-for-nothing at someone else’s expense, it was an act of white suicide. Show me a drunken, Johnny-Reb who beat hell out of his wife and kids, or walked away from them, and I’ll show you an act of white suicide. Connections between communists telling lies, and dupes who know better but went along with the empty promises of “social security” anyway are obvious, flagrant acts of white suicide. Blindly “taking on faith” the heresies of Vaticanism, dispensationalism & polytheism while never bothering to crack The Book and find out what God had to say about it, was white suicide. Constantly looking for others to blame for the results of our own stupidity and laziness is white suicide. Show me a shriking femin$TAZI with a worthless degree in Khazakh Hasbara Studies whose fave mantra is “I don’t need a feckin’ man to support!!!” and I’ll show you a bob-haired, cat-collecting, gender-confused woman committing white suicide.
Just as words have meaning, actions have consequences, and buying comfortable lies instead of facing hard truth and living accordingly, is the West’s fundamental act of white suicide.

#WhatGoesAroundComesAround #TheEnLIEtenedSociety #WhiteGenocideQuestion

Friday, November 2, 2018

The Trump Principle - Luke 6:26

Look for the candidate everyone hates...and that’s your guy!
Because truth is seldom popular, and what’s popular is hardly ever true, you want the guy who is loathed and despised for his success. Galt-in-Da-Box is using “he” in the generic vernacular - the right candidate, the person on the white horse, may be a woman or incorporate any number of demographics...the key item is that they are reviled for doing good, according to traditional Western principles in general and where available, and God’s Word in particular.
“Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you, for so did their fathers of the false prophets.”

#RealClearPolitics #MakingVotesCount

Thursday, November 1, 2018

God, The Mighty Fortress

Not “a city broken down and without walls”.
Here’s a sneak peek at a new soon-coming Lauren Southern documentary called BORDERLESS that really got me thinking...

There’s a valuable lesson for Believers in this movie’s message!
God’s Word sets borders on ancient Israel, and on what we - as New Testament Believers - are to believe and practice. If we compromise those borders, the adversary is going to expect us to compromise further! Unbelievers, MAKE-believers & Other SFAs feeeeeel compromise is a virtue...God, not so much. PSEUDAEOchristianity (PC, for short) guilt-trips people out of endless handouts to “he’p aw de poah folk”, yet somehow they never get helped out of their situation, just kept in it. What a contrast when someone believes the Word and starts to work heartily unto The Lord, live within their means & abundantly share!
We don’t want to mentally and spiritually become what the devil spirit realm is making of Europe right now via the Whore of Babylon, Synagogue Of Satan and endless altruism they advocate.
Let’s resolve to remember to retain The Word over the FOOL- and FEEEEEEL-osophies the enemy is moving!