Sunday, November 23, 2014

Black Friday Strategery

Screw that "open Thanksgiving Day" noise, unless it's a restaurant and you don't want to cook.
My neighborhood buds who just let me have a 20# turkey @ 69c/# put this on my Facebook news feed, which got Galt-in-Da-Box into plan for ho-ho bargains mode, and this might be of help to you: Show up right before opening. Wait 15 minutes or so, for all the freaking Neanderthals willing to club each other to death for that $20 watch/$50 TV "while supplies last" deal to do so. Wade through after the carnage & score the deals! All things come to he who waits, and usually it's the really phat things missed by dumb mothafucks who hurry.
Remember, internet purchase is the big box retailers worst enemy, so they are more than willing to dicker and negotiate:
1. IF you have cash.
2. IF you are dealing with small, local businesses.
3. IF you negotiate with the owner, manager on duty or "people you know" who work there.
BTW, "while supplies last" is sales speak snake oil: There's more/better online and they restock the shelves after everyone leaves.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Well Curve

The resurrection of vinyl continues:

"Avoiding what seemed like an imminent demise, vinyl purchases have increased more than sixfold from 2005 to 2013 in the United States, jumping from less than a million LPs purchased to 6.1 million according to data put together by Statista. In the UK and Germany, vinyl sales are at their highest since the late '90s, resulting in $218 million global vinyl sales in 2013."

While we haven't run out to get a turntable yet, the fond memories of hours spent with "stacks of wax" in the 70s & 80s have Galt-in-Da-Box pricing the direct-drive linear-tracking market of late. Maybe people are swinging back toward hi-fi lo-tech as an alternative to the privacy-free digital world. It would be great if internet usage started to decline as well, signaling to the Establishment their game is up. A record store has even opened on the mall now, that deals exclusively in LP, featuring players that save to thumbdrive that are very reasonably priced.
If "what's old is what's new" and webwise is actually driving this trend, maybe there's hope for Citizen Band & Amateur radio, too.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Republicans & QED

Congress and talk radio are bristling with GeOPapists throwing hissy-fits over Obama's unilateral immigration threats.
Rand Paul even donned cheap political theater grin and got on Faux News to sound off long and loud on the matter. With all this noisemaking going on, you might have been tempted to believe someone actually gives a fuck about it. You may have even, in an unguarded moment, forgotten a party with a majority in both houses has more than enough political power to stop "King Obama" from issuing a dreaded "imperial decree", or the GOP Establishment tradition of enabling their apparent competition whiles pretending to oppose them. In reality, the alleged "right" is hoping for a sacrificial lamb from the left: If Barry acts on immigration "reform" (read that SCUTTLING), they won't have to, and have something to beat the campaign trail with come 2016. Plus, they get more Papists in the country, more ignorant voters easily manipulated by The Whore and more rope-a-dope fascism.
It's business as usual, how sausage is made at Papistocracy Funny-farm!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Red Sea...

...or a graceful Stay Of Execution.
Whatever you call it, the GeOPapists have been mercifully granted one last chance to rediscover American exceptionalism (individual liberty as defined by the Bill of Rights) and crawl out of the back pockets of the Vall$chtreet Veldt$taaters. Here at CFN, it's sincerely hoped that's what happens, but Galt-in-Da-Box ain't holding his breath, based on their track record. Even ElRushbo admitted the Republican Party doesn't know what to do with power once they have it, nevertheless there are some encouraging signs - some GREEN FLAGS Flying Over GOPher country include:
*A deathly quiet on the fave GeOPapist BULLSHIT ISSUE uber alles, Abortion, during the campaigns.
*"My bitch Mitch" McCONnell actually endorsing Rand Paul for President, instead of shitting on him as usual.
*Minimal saber-rattling (at least for now).
If they have not wised up, the new Congress is atleast playing its cards close to the chest.
We watch and pray!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Plot Thins

She ain' no muhfuh raciss oah nuthin.
Makes ya wanna run right out for a bucket of KFC, don't it?
I voted for the Black Zebra with White Stripes, but the White Zebras wit Black Stripes won anyway...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Mask Slips

...time...and time again!
Like every other "** rights" movement out there, it's not about rights at all, it is all about control, coercion, extraction of wealth, bullying, and all the other types of FA$CI$M leftists constantly claim they oppose, then practice with impunity.
We The People must shut this shit down, cut it out like the fucking cancer it is, and - as the OMFR Khazakh communists behind this used to say back when they CLAIMED to be liberal - "subvert the dominant paradigm".

Sunday, October 19, 2014

White Elephant Sale

What the facts actually indicate is that government has no business protecting, prohibiting & otherwise promoting this ancient - and archaic - form of slavery.
Galt-in-Da-Box dares to opine that, if an individual's sense of commitment is so feeble that it requires rings, a fancy piece of paper, religiopolitical ritual & other elaborate vanities to prop it up, none of those things will help ~ a position evidenced by the reality more than half of modern American marriages end in divorce, and now 80% of those divorces initiated by a gold-digging femin$tazi. Homogamy advocates & other OMFR Khazar$ desiring to rewrite the laws of nature for their own profit strongly disagree, never letting facts get in the way of a good bullshit story: One dressed to the nines with lofty, sugary talk of romance, under which sits the 800# gorilla of sinecure-seeking, tax-dodging and a desperate, perversion-driven longing for legitimacy where none normally nor naturally exists. Gay marriage was legalized in Canada, whereupon a little over 400 same-sex couples raced to the altar (in a nation of 60 million), then the numbers fell off a cliff into obscurity. In a Gallup poll, while nearly half of Americans agreed with homogamy (for those of you in Miami-Dade county, Florida...that means gay marriage), less than 4% of the GLBT community as a whole expressed any interest in it whatever. As the numbers reveal this is a campaign more Astroturf than grassroots - common the pulp of KHAZAristocracy and the incriminating fingerprint of globalism. CFN holds the position that partnerships are the business of partners, not politicians: Were government power-seekers & Vall$chtreet merchants of the earth removed from the equation, almost no controversy would exist at all. Personal experience has brought this writer in contact with homosexual couples who have been together for decades and allegedly-"normal" ones who can't stand to be in the same room for three minutes, let alone married, lest a slanging, slapping match rivaling World War 2 ensue. With few exceptions outside The Household, marriage for the common man is an engraved invitation to a life of destitution and misery, a grant of infinite power over his life to ignorant, emoting little girls trapped in full-grown women's bodies, and an assurance any unfortunate children involved will have little to no stable home or happiness. Contra the assertions of our esteemed colleagues at Reason Magazine, it is not only possible but probable that many homosexual couples are doomed to discover the best two ways to ruin a friendship:
1. Move in with that friend.
2. Get government involved in the ruination.
They will discover through the horrors of experience that what was sold to them about love was all about lucre; that the profit of lawyers and religious looters his behind the wedding vows; that sentimentality run amok carries a hefty price - one they may not be able or willing to afford. They may well learn too late they - as the rest of US - have been sold at best, a white elephant; the "flag-burning!!!" bullshit issue of the 21st Century!
I fear all to greatly neither the Papist myth of societal ruin, nor the Khazar fairytale of homogamous bliss and bennies, rather that the harm that has been done half the so-called "straight" participants in this foolishness will be visited on others much less prepared for these unpleasant realities.