Sunday, December 14, 2014

300+ Pounds Of It

A longtime acquaintance whose career has soared, along with his wife's weight and temper, is in the process of jettisoning the ballast - an all too common happenstance for us Xers.
Fortunately, Galt's Gulch has not followed the last 50 years of femin$tazi fa$cism into the shitter, so he'll keep what's his, including his kids. All indications suggest there was a pre-nup in place or she was abusive (a very common trait of gunt-bearing femin$tazi) or some combination thereof, so most things will break his way. That is ALSO Not the norm for the nation - perhaps a major factor in this study:

As Vox Day says, Most PEOPLE Are Idiots. They have to be, if they can't figure out that the best way to ruin a friendship is to move in with that friend. I figured it out at 7, when phrases like "I DON'T NEED SOME GODDAMNED MAN TO SUPPORT!!!" started finding their way regularly into my mother's vernacular, and women started dressing, acting and fucking like men, while demanding absolute worship by them. Another Moment of Deceit came and went with Pat Snider, of whom I've told you numerous times, but when I was informed by numerous girlfriends who claimed to "love" me that my requests that they sign a pre-nup before we even think about marriage were "mysogenistic", Galt-in-Da-Box started figuring out there really were no "family values" any longer (if they actually ever existed), just high-priced whoredom of the Kim KHAZAR-DOUCHEian variety, and men brainfilthied with the guilt-trip of "sacrifice for the common good" from the cradle, willing to put up with the grotesque, life-sucking expense.
Yes, there are families and marriages, but few of them are happy, or even pleasant when you look under the hood at how the thing operates!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

BOehNER Balking Again

From Gun Owners of America:

"Boehner Joins Hands with Pelosi to Defeat Conservatives
-- Action brings Boehner’s legitimacy as Speaker into question


You have let Washington know that you oppose giving Barack Obama a blank check until September 30, 2015 and, in doing so, that you oppose Congress setting gun policy in a long-term, Harry Reid-drafted appropriations bill.

And Washington has heard you, loud and clear.

According to Neil Munro of the Daily Caller, House Speaker John Boehner is now faced with "snowballing opposition" to his plan of passing a ten-month carte blanche funding bill for the government, crafted by Harry Reid on the Senate side and by a House that has a lot more Democrats than it will have after January 6.

The Boehner abomination is called the “Cromnibus” -- a combination of the initials for "continuing resolution" (CR) and "omnibus."  This monstrosity would do nothing to stop the implementation of the anti-gun ObamaCare law (which Republicans said they opposed). 

And, while the “Cromnibus” will probably stop some gun-related Obama abuses (such as implementation of the UN Arms Trade Treaty), it is not expected to address problems like ATF's routine copying of a dealer's 4473's in connection with a routine annual inspection. Nor will it defund much of Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Is it any wonder that liberal anti-gun Democrats like Rep. James Moran (D-VA) have embraced the Boehner approach?

Now, in a move that is the political equivalent of treason, Boehner is countering hemorrhaging support among Republicans by asking Nancy Pelosi to provide the votes necessary for passage. Given that the “Cromnibus” will define virtually all government discretionary spending and policy for the next ten months, this istrain, turning over control of Congress to the Democrats for 37.5% of a congressional term.

But pro-gun forces are countering Boehner's perfidy tit-for-tat.  The Chairman of Gun Owners of America has promised that GOA will score support of the Boehner-Pelosi bill as an anti-gun vote. 

Said GOA’s Tim Macy:  “If we had wanted Democrats to control Congress, we would have voted for them.  Instead, we give Boehner a 247-vote majority, only to have him cede control to Pelosi, Reid, and Obama over every important decision for the next ten months.”

GOA has even raised the issue of whether a Speaker who has more regard for the minority than his own caucus should continue in his position.

ACTION:  Contact your Representative.  Tell him or her that support of the Boehner-Pelosi deal will be considered an anti-gun vote.

NOTE:  This alert contains different messages for Republican and Democrat Representatives.  By using the GOA Engage site to contact your Representative, the system will automatically select the correct letter."

Galt-in-Da-Box had hoped we would be free of this spineless Khazakh abomination of an House Speaker come last November, but Ohio is full of low-information voters who will support Adolf Hitler if he runs with an (R) behind his name, without checking the facts or voting record. While many Democrats were replaced in both houses of Congress, few of the old guard lefTARD socialism-mongering, bagel-munching
Bol$hevik bastards & bitches have followed the ichtheosaurus into extinction, as they needed to. We have yet to see how many replacements are as completely Whored out to the KHAZAri$tocracy as those they replaced.
Get in touch and oppose this detestable, CRONYbus legislation!
Encourage also the replacement of "crybaby Johnny" with a rep who will put the Constitution first and special interests last - with AIPAC as the caboose on the freaking gravy train, not the engine!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Black Friday Strategery

Screw that "open Thanksgiving Day" noise, unless it's a restaurant and you don't want to cook.
My neighborhood buds who just let me have a 20# turkey @ 69c/# put this on my Facebook news feed, which got Galt-in-Da-Box into plan for ho-ho bargains mode, and this might be of help to you: Show up right before opening. Wait 15 minutes or so, for all the freaking Neanderthals willing to club each other to death for that $20 watch/$50 TV "while supplies last" deal to do so. Wade through after the carnage & score the deals! All things come to he who waits, and usually it's the really phat things missed by dumb mothafucks who hurry.
Remember, internet purchase is the big box retailers worst enemy, so they are more than willing to dicker and negotiate:
1. IF you have cash.
2. IF you are dealing with small, local businesses.
3. IF you negotiate with the owner, manager on duty or "people you know" who work there.
BTW, "while supplies last" is sales speak snake oil: There's more/better online and they restock the shelves after everyone leaves.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The Well Curve

The resurrection of vinyl continues:

"Avoiding what seemed like an imminent demise, vinyl purchases have increased more than sixfold from 2005 to 2013 in the United States, jumping from less than a million LPs purchased to 6.1 million according to data put together by Statista. In the UK and Germany, vinyl sales are at their highest since the late '90s, resulting in $218 million global vinyl sales in 2013."

While we haven't run out to get a turntable yet, the fond memories of hours spent with "stacks of wax" in the 70s & 80s have Galt-in-Da-Box pricing the direct-drive linear-tracking market of late. Maybe people are swinging back toward hi-fi lo-tech as an alternative to the privacy-free digital world. It would be great if internet usage started to decline as well, signaling to the Establishment their game is up. A record store has even opened on the mall now, that deals exclusively in LP, featuring players that save to thumbdrive that are very reasonably priced.
If "what's old is what's new" and webwise is actually driving this trend, maybe there's hope for Citizen Band & Amateur radio, too.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Republicans & QED

Congress and talk radio are bristling with GeOPapists throwing hissy-fits over Obama's unilateral immigration threats.
Rand Paul even donned cheap political theater grin and got on Faux News to sound off long and loud on the matter. With all this noisemaking going on, you might have been tempted to believe someone actually gives a fuck about it. You may have even, in an unguarded moment, forgotten a party with a majority in both houses has more than enough political power to stop "King Obama" from issuing a dreaded "imperial decree", or the GOP Establishment tradition of enabling their apparent competition whiles pretending to oppose them. In reality, the alleged "right" is hoping for a sacrificial lamb from the left: If Barry acts on immigration "reform" (read that SCUTTLING), they won't have to, and have something to beat the campaign trail with come 2016. Plus, they get more Papists in the country, more ignorant voters easily manipulated by The Whore and more rope-a-dope fascism.
It's business as usual, how sausage is made at Papistocracy Funny-farm!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Red Sea...

...or a graceful Stay Of Execution.
Whatever you call it, the GeOPapists have been mercifully granted one last chance to rediscover American exceptionalism (individual liberty as defined by the Bill of Rights) and crawl out of the back pockets of the Vall$chtreet Veldt$taaters. Here at CFN, it's sincerely hoped that's what happens, but Galt-in-Da-Box ain't holding his breath, based on their track record. Even ElRushbo admitted the Republican Party doesn't know what to do with power once they have it, nevertheless there are some encouraging signs - some GREEN FLAGS Flying Over GOPher country include:
*A deathly quiet on the fave GeOPapist BULLSHIT ISSUE uber alles, Abortion, during the campaigns.
*"My bitch Mitch" McCONnell actually endorsing Rand Paul for President, instead of shitting on him as usual.
*Minimal saber-rattling (at least for now).
If they have not wised up, the new Congress is atleast playing its cards close to the chest.
We watch and pray!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Plot Thins

She ain' no muhfuh raciss oah nuthin.
Makes ya wanna run right out for a bucket of KFC, don't it?
I voted for the Black Zebra with White Stripes, but the White Zebras wit Black Stripes won anyway...