Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Deplorable Truth

UNLESS the Republican Party finds the freaking agates to clean house
(if it doesn't purge the globalist, leftist, communism-enabling, dual-citizen Khazar-Papist cabal from its midst)
Trump will wind up just another puppet & America will never be great again.
Evade that reality all you want, but you do so at your peril!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


HOW AGENDA 21 DEPOPULATION - As Prescribed by KHAZARi$tocracy & the UN - works:
1. Drive large numbers of ignorant, fanatical third-worlders from their homes, by violent means if possible to create animosity.
2. Disarm goyim in second & first world & fill their governments with complicit atheistic nihilists who emote instead of thinking.
3. Open the borders of the second & first world and let them do the genocide for you, while implementing MORE Communism & Fascism under the guise of "helping".


Rock Check Time

Today marks the average point at which most people give up on their goals for the new year.
Before abandoning your aspirations entirely, ask yourself a few important questions: 
How important was this objective to begin with? Is it an actual, personal thing I wanted to accomplish, or just something I came up with on the spur of the moment to fit in (these resolutions are usually the most unrealistic)? Have I prepared myself sufficiently with the training and resources I need to accomplish my goal (if not, then start now)? Have I set a minimum timeframe for accomplishing my goal? Have I set realistic benchmarks, phases or checkpoints along the way for getting to my goal?
It's not wrong to question your goals! It may be an indicator that you need perspective: The most important part of setting a goal is that you want it more than anything, and have an idea what your next goal is going to be once it is accomplished!
I hope you've chosen such a goal, that your achievement plan is simple and flexible, and that you've decided to go on from here to achieve it, because you are the only one who can reach your goal.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Shrinking LIARarchy

Terrible things happen when spiritualism is allowed to trump reality!
This is purely conjecture on our part, but CFN's hypothesis is that PERVERSION may be a Major factor in the Roman CULT's leadership issues: First, you have polytheistic & earth/bitch-worshipping spiritualism in place of the One True God. Next, there's the heresy of celibacy (these lies from the pit of the nethermost hell are represented politically in our day as "global warming" and depopulation)...a more accurate title for Roman Catholicism would be DEATH-WORSHIP. A tertiary and culminating element is how these fear-based, egotism-driven dogmas - from antiquity - always lead to the same result: A lust after absolute power over others, and preferably everyone.
Even though it calls itself Christianity, you can see the parallels in spiritualism clear back to Babylon and forward to our modern CULTural Marxism - a FOOLosophy not surprisingly espoused by Pope Francis himself. Spiritualism always leads to collectivism & socialism, especially the earth/bitch-worshipping strain the Whore of Babylon fittingly represents.
On top of the unnatural reproductive dogma, priests are brainfilthied with a wide, self-contradicting, festooning polyglot of extra, un & anti-biblical heresies: God isn't personal, but a committee. His son is either a baby or a dead guy on a cross, equally unreachable and unknowable. Grace and mercy are luxuries doled out at the whim of the religious bureaucracy they are becoming a part of, and unattainable without bribery of some form. Thought and sex are the original sin, and one is always a sinner and constantly condemned into "acts of contrition" in "penance" for same, therefore forgiveness is never complete nor unconditional...
If it all sounds like enslavement, there's a good reason for that - IT IS! A terrific formula for keeping millions subjugated & manipulated, but not even a pale representation of the life of abundance and power the Bible actually teaches is available to the individual believer (Psalm 107:20, John 3:16-20 & 14:12, Romans 10:9&10, and Ephesians 1:1-11, to barely scratch a very broad surface). Those who would become its preachers need only master the art of living it, and they'll not want for eager listeners. Religion is the opposite of this, ever keeping those seeking the way distracted, deceived and divided violently against themselves.
The Word of God has no authoritarian, tyrranical political objective, but is geared toward setting the captive free.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inauguration Post Mortem

Have you noticed how much inaugurating a new president is like the Super Bowl?
It's 90 minutes of action surrounded by 24 hours of hype! Galt-in-Da-Box hope that Donald Trump & the "Deplorables" are not counting on everything settling down to a gentle, easy ride, because all indicators are that shit is not gonna happen. The JEW$media will lie more often, not less...because they've been getting away with it for years without opposition. Barack Obama is quite likely to be their most beloved fixture, anointed by $oro$ to lead the disloyal opposition at every turn.
One good thing that may come out of all of it is Republicans that finally learn to hold their leaders' feet to the fire. We've had eight years of proof that hero worship sucks, and produces horrible results. The last thing on earth the political class needs now is a new bumper crop of starry-eyed swooners enamored by big name and ego to the point they turn off their brains and agree to more war, instead of ending it. The KHAZARi$tocracy will be pushing for expanded war and more handouts for Israel.
One of the more disturbing developments out of a Trumpated Washington is talk of replacing 0bamacare instead of getting rid of fascized medicine entirely. It's much easier to elect politicians who talk about shrinking the welfare state than it is to elect ones who actually will. Add to that the pervasive influence of the actual government: The debt-merchants at FedRes & on Wall $treet - it's hard to imagine they are going to let go of their latest boondoggle quickly or without protest, since they fund & therefore, control just about everything.
It aught to make for 4-8 years of interesting political theatre!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Missed You Clones

Haven't Abandoned You or been arrested by the Facebook Thought-Police again, just discovered Amazon Prime has EVERYTHING Star Trek & been binge-watching to find the episodes I missed.
They also have all the original Twilight Zone episodes!!!
Also found out that Starbucks House Blend is the kind of coffee you don't have to make. Just open up the bag, sniff & enjoy the contact-buzz.
Finally, here's a little something to address the empty-headed emotionalism & touchy-feely, sniveling "enLIEtened" sophism of our day and time:

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Moment Of Clarity

David Icke was practically an household name at one point in his life...
Then he woke up, saw the elephant in the living room & quit talking spiritualist foolishness long enough to do this video about the dark heart of globalism:

And was almost never heard of again!
The dirty little secret about the so-called World Stage is, you don't stay there if you lose your distraction or disinformation value, and the worst way to do that is start telling the truth. The more deceitful or provocative you are, the bigger you get - it's how media diverts attention of the SHEEPle from the UEMFs living off of them and leading them to slaughter.
In its course here, he brings up the all-important distinction between Zionism & Judaism and shines the light on Hebrew activists trying desperately to stop the grotesque overreach of the greedy, atheistic, nihilistic & apathetic Roth$child KHAZARi$tocracy.