Sunday, August 20, 2017

Hocked Diamond Anniversary...

Or should that be adversary?
The Vatican no longer has any legitimate political hasn't for 75 years:
It - and so it logically follows - the Church, has been owned by the KHAZARi$tocracy since 27 June 1942. For all those who have been led to believe leftism started taking over in 1965, well...the bagel-munching Bol$hevik BanKHAZAR$ got their claws in decades earlier.
Wherever spiritualism leads, socialism follows, and communists OWNED the Church of Rome long before they started becoming it's clergy.
CFN wonders if Mr. Voris will shed some light on this someday soon?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Roman "Catholic" Fundamentalism

Eventually someone would try to fill Fred Phelps' shoes, but CFN always expected it would be another crooked pseudo-Protestant HELLevangelist from the Southern Deadfish...
Looks like we were wrong:
Michael Voris preaches "that old-time religion"...As in from the Dark Ages: Papist authoritarian collectivism stacked high & for sale like indulgences. Phelps preached salvation by WASP CULTure on a level that would have made L. Craig Martindale cringe. Voris peddles its big bastard step-brother, salvation by altruism, according to the vague, nebulous, often self-contradictory "traditional doctrines of the one true faith". He can't answer the one critical question about it that completely invalidates the entire concept: If you are saved by works, how are you going to know when you have done the right thing to secure your salvation? This is because the answer is NEVER! Salvation by works (altruism, WASP CULTure or whatever) is NOT Biblical doctrine, it's 100% political.
Voris teaches the Roman CULT is the only way to salvation, then contradicts that claim by openly admitting most of its clergy are perverts. A review of his The Vortex tv show on YouTube leads one to think he's trying to start his own little Reformation, but unlike Ulrich Zwingli or Martin Luther, he's not calling the Church back to The Word, but backwards, to the Earth/bitch-worshipping spiritualism, paganism & man-worship that created all its problems to begin with. The casual parousal of his TV shows gives you a good idea of why Galt-in-Da-Box say 98% of television is fake, and that's a conservative estimate these days: Everything is centered around herding the viewer to the idolatry and dogma of Rome, which is political, not spiritual. Even though Biblically speaking & by their admission, the Roman "Church" is going to hell, we're told it's the only way to Heaven by his faithful gang of prosylites. Just the first step down a long road of self-contradiction and apostasy that, though it may be paved with good intentions, does not lead to eternal and more abundant life.
It's clear Voris fears Masons, Protestants, Jews, Muslims & even other Catholics as much if not more than God. When your focus is centered on worshipping man and not God, you'll have that, but that is also part and parcel of sense-knowledge, dispensational religion.
Mankind's basic spiritual problem is the integrity of the Word of God. It's a projection of the sin nature against That Which identifies & corrects it. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Church of Rome, where the Word may have been compiled, but it certainly was not conceived and hasn't been obeyed for more centuries than we dare speculate. All this has happened before, and will happen again, as we approach the end of the age of grace: Roman "Catholicism" cannot figure out Exodus 20:1-3, therefore it can never understand the complexities of Matthew 24:3-6 & following, wherein the disciples asked the Lord Jesus Christ what would be the sign of his coming and of the end of the world. His reply should arrest the attention of anyone investigating spiritual matters in search of the more abundant life:
"Take heed that no one leads you astray. For many will come in my name, saying 'I am The Christ' and they will lead many astray."

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Note On Riots

If you still FEEEEEEL white people are the problem in their own country, you really need to have your fucking empty head surgically removed from your own pompous ass.
Not listening to the bagel-munching Bol$hevik$ anymore would also be a step in the proper direction...
You fucking IDIOT!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Watering Down Protestantism

It's the new world religion; the latest sellout of the harlot-daughters of Mystery, Babylon the Great...

Galt-in-Da-Box is of course totally amazed the false prophet at the lectern is not goyim - yes, absolutely $HOCKED, I say! - Though you can rest well assured that, if KKK-flavored white racism was a more popular & profitable sell than the sugar-coated, scantily-veiled lefti$t racism of "diversity", this bagel-munching Bol$hevik would absolutely be selling it instead!

Roman Cult "Evangelism"

Pretty much tells the tale, if history is any indicator.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The Streisand Effect*

It is swallowing Google whole, and the more they try to hide their radical leftist, SJWhining, authoritarian censorship, the bigger a story it becomes:
James Damore went public about the tech giant's draconian policies in Wall Street Journal
and there is no putting this genie back in the bottle. There's a lot of hemming & hawing from corporate brass, and fears of blowback prompted Google to cancel a townhall on diversity. 
Alright clones, let's cut the bullshit and tell it like it is: 
Silicon Valley has gone on a manic political correctness crusade during the 0bammunism years, some mandated by California state law, but most imposed from the top down by globalist socialist UEMFs in corporate boardrooms. If you've lost your Twitter account recently over something you said, or your ad revenue on YouTube because of non-Khazar-fellating content, you've brushed against the fringes of this hot-headed, self-righteous, virtue-signaling nonsense.
Some idiots FEEEEEEL the First Amendment only applies to ignorant, $oro$ AstroTurf hasbara as spewed by Al Sharpton, BLM et al, but no such restriction exists in the Bill of Rights. Having survived many such political gaslighting attempts disguised as religion, and sensing the fanaticism of the political left following Trump's election, Galt-in-Da-Box cannot rail against this wickedness strongly enough! 
If you believe you must muzzle someone so your asinine dogmas can be imposed without question, it's quite probably due to the reality your arguments are too flimsy & anemic to withstand debate.

The Gilded Cage

How do you get an entire country to participate in its own subjugation & enslavement?
It's not as difficult as you might imagine unfortunately, and you don't even have to engage in violent overthrow like the Soviet Union, nor political subterfuge, like Nazi Germany.
Monetary debasement is the foundation. Since the love of money is the root of all evil, you're going to need a lot of it to accomplish this, so the first step in building the gilded cage is convincing the politicians they need to get rid of real money and replace it with fiat currency in a Central Bank Ponzi scam. This way, you can become wealthy without working, simply by being in charge of the bank, and lending out little green lies instead of gold and're already holding all theirs as collateral, so you have all the genuine wealth, and whoever uses your counterfeit money is now legally trapped in endless debt there is never enough fiat currency to pay off.
Spending frenzies! Through bribery of public officials & lobbies, fabricate endless hobgoblins & guilt trips: scare and manipulate the government into continual wars, welfare and frivolous boondoggles. Thus you create sinecure for your relatives & friends, buy the arrest of your opponents and manipulate the propaganda non-industry into advocating even more spending, debt, borrowing, more spending...drip-drop. Rinse & repeat.
CULTural Engrainment over generations. By 1963, next to nobody in America gave a fuck about having been ass-raped economically in this manner on December 24th, 1913. The Roman CULT had a vise-tight grip on the ignorant and their willfully-ignorant political leaders not through threats of hellfire as in centuries before, but being the primary influence peddlers for BanKHAZAR (the Vatican itself had long ago Whored out to the Roth$child banKHAZAR$ in order to peddle the War Between The States in America to establish this control). Conservatism was waning, thanks to their berzerker mole, Joe MacCarthy, and in a couple more years, the Jesuit fags would roll out a communist version of their spiritualist authoritarianism, popularly known as "liberation theology". This would serve as the new phase for solidifying the gilded cage of American socialism.
Population debasement (aka SUBVERSION). Lie, lie and then lie some more: Convince the young that trash is art, up is down, right is wrong and wrong is "cool", thus a boy is a girl & debt is money. Push immorality in general, especially sexual immorality. After making the people lazy with welfare & stupid with degreed, "enlightened" deceit, destroy them with drugs and lust. Be sure to import as many third-worlders as possible also, and cater to whiners, women & weaklings as well. Replace the Word of God with the lies of Stalin, and quote the former, claiming it advocates the latter. In all this confusion, turn doctors into drug dealers: focus on treatment and therapy to make the sick comfortable in their disease instead of curing them. Also, insist they be made part of the bureaucracy through socialized medicine, so they are never held accountable for anything.
All you have to do is institutionalize corruption, and you will create a gilded cage of sloth and avarice from which the average kept citizen will never want to escape, much less revolt.