Monday, January 15, 2018

The Red Thread

If you’re looking for something More EXCELLENT Than being buried in syrup (or excrement, as the case may well be) by religion,
we suggest The Word of God to uplift and inspire:

#LIFEmoreAbundant #ReasonForLIVING #TRUTHoverTradition

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hardly An Epiphany...

...Just plain fact.
Americans are going to do away with gynocentric (“Earth/bitch-worshipping”) spiritualism, or it’s going to do away with US.

#ItsNOTCatholic #SpiritualismBreedsSocialism #DEATHworship

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Whose Lives Matter... a convenient distraction from the truth that Constitutional Protections are what aught to matter most.
Think about it on this wise: “Good Intentions” V. REALITY...What is more important?
These freaking thugs - knowingly or not - because of the distortion & perversion of American culture through spiritualism & socialism, “protect and serve” the Khazar-Papist cabal,
NOT You!


Saturday, December 16, 2017

“Exploit Me, Please!

“...Partial emasculation after birth & a bit more societally everyday, til my manhood is gone...Yeah, BABY: 

I want endless “NO, DON’T, IF YOU DON’T”, and especially, “SHOULD!!!”ing, on and all over me, first by empty-headed emo-single femiNAZI mom, then Papi$t gov’t indoctrination & big pharma, then JEW$media hasbara leading to quick death in pointless police-action, or the death of a thousand cuts known as the marry-debt-divorce inquisition, set to the tune of family courts & murder-suicide!
I want more than anything to work and fight endlessly to support a corrupt, poisoned, toxic society that hates my fucking guts for my altruism!”
 - N0 Sane white kid EVER

IF THEY HAD A CHOICE Our Young Men would never go for the lives most of them are born into - a suicidal, unsustainable culture of bribes-for-votes to which he is nothing but an exploitable resource if he complies, or labeled “mentally ill/autistic” if he resists.

#KHAZARi$tocracy #RedPill #RedIce #FUCKtheSOCIALISTcontract

Friday, December 15, 2017

Hey Look, Chicks...

...THIS is just The Way It IS- and how it’s gonna be - until you LEARN Natural Order (honor, obedience & subservience) and are therefore marriageable.
Don’t expect anything better, until you make that happen.
If you DO Marry without learning Natural Order, it will likely be a dumb motherfucker like the underachieving pothead that was the first caller.
This brings us to the common sense solution to the alleged “deadbeat dad” problem so many of you love to bitch and whine about: Stop fucking deadbeats! 
This counsel is wasted on dumb Khazar blonds & the average, garden variety Papist young’un who is deliberately seeking as many rides on the cock carousel as she can get, because she believes she is immune to getting knocked up, or seeking a welfare check for life & in a growing number of cases, both. It’s not just guys who let their privates overrule their brains, though a girl can’t get too far along in life now, before learning she holds most of the high cards in game, legally speaking: The Whore of Babylon fills its women with a counterfeit sense of empowerment and entitlement - motivationally, subconsciously AND Politically - in perfect timing to its subjugation by the Synogogue of Satan in the 1950s, and wholesale whoring out to communism after greasing Kennedy in 1963, and the toxic effects are evident throughout Western Civilization - especially Europe and particularly Germany!
If you had any standards beyond how you fucking “FEEEEEEL” at the moment, England would still be independent, Western Europe would not be overrun by sandniggers and you would actually be able to accomplish something on your own besides bankruptcy.
Enjoy maxing out those Roth$child BanKHAZAR credit cards, Theresa & Angela, because you’re gonna be paying for them on your backs, not ours!

#Leykis101 #GAMEreality #$ufferageBULL$hit

*GAB.AI - Social media SANS socialISM!*

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Leftist Fantasy World

It appears to be where Communist News Network (CNN) spends most of its time & money.
The Fake News (“we distort, you get lies/fairly UNbalanced”) implosion continues, as socialist feet that had hopes of running swiftly to shed innocent blood scramble for purchase instead. The primary political philosophy of the Khazar-Papist cabal appears to be on the ropes of late, but we know that appearances can be deceiving. If Democrats want to be taken seriously again, CFN has some advice for you:
Stop fucking lying!

#LiarsKeepLying #JEW$media

Monday, December 4, 2017

A Reality Review

Galt-in-Da-Box post this because nothing is too often repeated that is not sufficiently learned, and if you visit the link fifty times, you still won’t glean all the great references & ideas directly presented, mentioned and alluded to!

#BLESSINGShappenToo #Light4UrWay